Here’s Another Thought… for Midlands SIMON!

I’ve been mildly surprised, and not a little disappointed, at how slow the charity page is going. I really hoped more folk would throw a few pennies at this very deserving charity. So… after some reflection, I’ve decided to call it a day and not bother with raising funds. After all, if folk are too stretched in these recessionary times to pass on € 2 of their hard-earned cash then I’ve more than compensated by passing on the 80 odd yo-yo’s we gathered to date.

NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! I won’t give up just yet! I met with CL of the Midlands SIMON a while ago. I admire his dedication. I admire what the charity does, achieves and stands for. Not only do they help folk in need for a day or two… they stay committed to these folk for the duration of the crisis.

Yes… they assist with housing where they can but more importantly, they try to get to the root cause and the reasons why the folk landed in the strife in the first place. They care for the whole person… not just the physical need that may well be of short duration.

So… what can be done to raise awareness and much needed funds? Simple… you know the old story about appreciating something much more when you earn it. I’m now going to employ that strategy. I believe we, as a family, have been truly blessed. I further believe it’s our pleasure to give something back. Yes, we’ve worked hard to earn the right to gratitude!

So, if we then feel we owe society something, we may well be going about our task in the wrong way. It should not be a burden of guilt that drives our desire to give… it should be the acceptance of our gratitude for what life has provided for us that spurs us on to the pleasure of returning something of value.

OK… I’ll stop philosophising and pontificating. It’s time to get off the pedestal and start walking! I’ve considered the options. What have I to do? What can I hope to achieve on my own? Well, don’t forget or underestimate the help of family and a few friends. I’m good at logistics. So… I’ll get a certain friend to do a bit of printing… yep, say a 1000 A5 flyers. Then, I’ll get walking… distributing my plea for assistance.

Walk where? I’ll do the Grand Canal during the summer. OK, I hear you say, you’ve already started that walk. Yep, I have. Only thing… I’m so far behind with my posts that it may well be better if I got cracking again. Do the whole thing as a challenge! Why not? Other folk run 10 Km mini-marathons. I’ll walk 90 odd miles and if I can raise €5 per mile then I’m well on the way to reaching my initial €500 target.

Imagine if we can get a bit of local media support in the midlands area. That would help promote awareness of the great work the Midlands SIMON are involved in. And maybe even raise extra funds for the very worthy cause.

Let’s have a reminder of what the canal looked like in late February… and again… click here if you want a reminder of my Midlands SIMON charity page

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