Life on the M50 Roundabout…

I am wondering when I’ll have the privilege of again seeing some of the sights I witnessed last Monday. The grim weather of the preceding days relented and gave us quite a special treat for the day. When last have we had a good weather bank holiday Monday? I don’t really recall but I’ll say the boating fairies must have helped with blowing the rain clouds away.

I arrived at the roundabout just in time to catch Nuiwen Sorgen approaching the last remaining bit of the old system. The now almost derelict stone-cut bridge set between all the concrete. An old boat below an even older bridge amidst the new jumble of modern-day traffic. A paradox, if ever I’d seen one.

The old bridge soon served a very useful purpose… allowing me the means of getting onto the roundabout proper. Fortunately it was a quiet enough traffic day. The place is not conducive to pedestrian meanders so it needed a tad of alacrity to get across the lanes without becoming another negative road statistic.

One advantage of getting onto the inner ring… no more roads to cross. I spent the next while doing slow orbits… against the flow of the traffic which really makes no difference apart from the fact that I looked totally out of place, judging by all the stares and odd looks directed in my direction. Oh well… all in a day’s work… or fun, or whatever.

As you can see from this first sequence of photo’s… the aqueduct is itself a rather small part of the traffic complex. I really wonder how many folk actually know there’s a slither of water crossing the M50 at this point. One or two folk noticed the boats and judging by their expressions the surprise was quite joyous.

I kept my slow circulation going but the best vantage point seemed to be the one where a certain Mt Joe T took his great pic of 4E crossing the aqueduct a little while ago. There you have it… I’m a copy cat, again. My only luck being the opportunity of getting 5 boats simultaneously!

The joy of life on the roundabout… if you’re lucky you may even get a glimpse of baking on the go… now, when last have you seen the production of muffins or scones on an aqueduct? I bet it doesn’t happen too often!

PS – See a few of you in Kilcock this evening!

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6 Responses to Life on the M50 Roundabout…

  1. really great shots aj! love all the angles and so many modes of transport in one spot – impressive.


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    Very unusual to see boats in an aqueduct above the motor vehicle traffic. Very cool.


  3. Sallyann says:

    Wonderful roundabout … life goes by at so many different paces. 🙂


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