Kilcock and Beyond…

The gremlins have struck! I’ve lost all the text for today’s post. From Kilcock to Furey’s. Maybe that’s better. Just give you the photo’s, you can make it up as you go along. Problem is… I’ve also lost tomorrow’s post. Now, that was a train tale I was typing as it was happening… it will be difficult to recapture that story…

None-the-less… let’s give you a bit of background about last Sunday’s adventures. Junior son and I were back in Kilcock well before breakfast. JC, the Ramble’s master, could do with a few hands to get through Locks 16 and 17, both being doubles.

After a bit of a puffing start Rambler, or Puff the magic machine    as she is known in home quarters,  was soon underway. Nevermind a bit of smoke between friends. Not long past Kilcock JC realised the self-selecting gearbox was playing up.  We pulled over and waited for JH and family on Float 1 to come by and give Rambler a bit of assistance.

Ignominious… but, that’s what friends are for! So… there we had two boats designed specifically for working on the Royal Canal doing their thing. One worked… the other needed a bit of work.

MK and JC eventually found the offending component after we’d managed to lock through at Ferran’s Lock. We stayed around to help a few more boats before setting off back home with the good lady. Rambler needed a bit of fuel so Junior son and I returned to Cloncurry’s with some of the much needed juice. Then we had to dash off home to collect the good lady and granddad. Senior son was playing cricket and needed all the support he could get. Alas, I believe the exams were weighing too heavily on his mind… he underperformed, but just a tad!

After the game was over we headed back home, as most folk do. However, I could not resist going down to Furey’s to have a quick peek at all the boats moored there. Off we went, the good lady and I, for a meander along the horse-walk. My only regret? That we don’t have this many boats out every weekend. Life on the Royal would then really be regal!

PS – If you should suspect that I have a soft spot for the Rambler and her family your be very right!

PSS – Again I ask that whoever feels like ‘lifting’ the odd photo please think of throwing a few Euro at my charity page…

Thank you kindly! 😉

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