I Magpie…

In keeping with the portraits and street themes I occasionally throw in these days… things we see on street corners… things we see… things? We see… yep. I walk with head down. At times. I walk with head up. At times. I walk. To see… to look… to collect mental images. To collect snippets of life.

Sometimes all I do is observe… sometimes. I magpie… I spy… I magpie. Then… there are times the street surprises me. Offering images… offering gems. Offering. Look in the gutter… look between the chewing gum splatters… the faded ciggy butts… the doggy do-doo. Look! Shiny…

Look… see… enjoy. Like the US cent picked up by junior son in Kilcock… off the Lock 16 wall. How can a little bit of metal get from there to here? Trash on the street? No… a symbol? Yes, well… maybe. Aha… then the bit of coin finds its way back to the Big Apple… per chance, in the bottom of wine buddy’s bag. Per chance? This bit of dirt travels further in it’s life than many greater beings will ever. I wonder if the coin is now still in NY City or did it return with WB? I must enquire… I magpie.

I magpie… I collect the bits off the street… the lonely coins. They need homes. I see the sparkle… the allure… the significance. Yes… I have fun with the images. I concoct tales of where things have been or who may have once held or handled the object now lying neglected in the gutter. I wonder about the relevance of it all… is there some hidden meaning in finding someone’s dress broach on a sidewalk crossing the Liffey?

Does that US penny know or even bother that’s it’s travelled back to the good old US of A? Could the one cent Stirling I found in the chipper in Belfast care less that it has found a home in County Meath in the Republic of Ireland? Who knows? Maybe I… magpie!

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4 Responses to I Magpie…

  1. Firefly says:

    I”m also always looking around. You never know what you may find to pick up… or photograph for that matter.


  2. Sallyann says:

    I walk along “looking at my feet”. I once spotted a £20 note while walking with my head down. I bent down and picked it up without even breaking my stride. I’m often complained at for looking at my feet and not where I am going … not that time though. 🙂


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