There Once Was a Man…

There once was a man who owned a boat

So tiny it could only be sailed on the moat

There once was a boat


There once was a lass who owned a goat

Well, that’s all the village would hear her gloat

There once was a lass


There once was a man who got the loan of a boat

On the canal he could not keep the thing afloat

There once was a boat


There once was man who clutched the worm can

While the other did drive as the chickens ran

There once was a van


Their burning desire to reach the moat to fish

On no better day could you ever for wish

There once was a fish


There once was a boy who saw trouble at every turn

He wished those grown-ups would there lessons learn

There once was a boy who would yearn


And on that delightfully brilliant day

At the moat they gathered to play

There once was a day


Not all were looking for the gratification of pleasure

It was the water the chickens did treasure

The distance to the edge they needed to measure


Not to have fun or to sink

But for their early morning drink

Required to sup before goat could blink


There once was a lady who thought it all absurd

For she was sitting to watch the big bird

There once was a snob


The big noise at the moat caused the bird to fly

Making the lass and the little boy cry

There once was not a dry eye


There once was the big barking dog

Who scattered the leaves in pursuit of the frog

All the effort for an attempted snog


The moral of the story some may ask?

Much later as they take me to task

For thinking in their glory I’ll bask


No relevance, is my revelation

These folk are born to dwell in my imagination

Created on the walk from front door to station


To play with words, rhythm and rhyme,

And so I while away the time

Before I hear the train’s bell distant chime


There once was a man who owned a goat

There too was a lass who fell off the boat

While helping the boy who could not float


There once was lady, a young lass and a man

That’s about where this weird ditty began

In my imagination the tale endlessly ran and ran…

Aha… do enjoy your weekend… whatever you do! 😉

About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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2 Responses to There Once Was a Man…

  1. Sallyann says:

    Confusion and smiles … smiles and confusion … run and run. 🙂


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