The Quest is ON!

Have you ever tried to pre-empt something? Tried to get the boring bit out of the way before the actual event? Have you ever gone to some trouble and then found it all to be in vain? Yep… you find with dismay that you’ve just wasted your time in trying to be cute. I do it to myself quite often. Because my time is tight I try and utilise every moment on the train by working on blog posts.

Ideas are fleeting… so, when they arrive at neuron junction I have to jot them down. What then happens is the ideas develop legs and arms of their own and occasional even sprout a few heads, turning into odd-shaped monsters or sometimes just trolls. Seldom does a fairy appear… I’m afraid my minds seems to always find the back allies to waffle on about. So it is with this particular post.

As I’ve previously walked the first 20 miles of the Grand Canal I thought I could use that experience to pre-empt the new challenge. If I’m out most of Saturday getting as far along the canal as possible then a pre-prepared post would be just what I need for Sunday. There were a few things to consider.

I promised to keep the progress of my Midlands SIMON charity quest frequently updated which means doing the posts immediately after walking a section. That has prompted a rethink on the format of documenting the individual walks. I previously showed the sequential progress, including most of the structures and features as I’ve gone along.

The only problem with that is the amount of time it takes to compile the galleries as on some occasions these turn into epics in their own right, including up to 50 photo’s with captions. So? Where do I go from here? If I tell the tale and do a fully captioned gallery you’ll wait until next year for updates. I think I’ll experiment a little. As the first section of the walk is already available over on the Grand Canal Walks Page I should maybe do the summer gallery… just as comparison. From there on I may as well do full galleries with little writing… maybe that’s the way to go, or maybe not?

Confusion in the ranks… drat. If I do the one and not the other I feel I’m short changing you. Another thing to keep in mind… I think momentum will grow once the walk gets into the wilds of Offaly. There is the odd rumour that a few folk may join along the way… local folk walking their own bits of turf. My luck… I’ll have personal guides. That means there’ll be more need to document the progress… ah well, that puts be back at square one… to get the balance between words and visuals right.

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1 Response to The Quest is ON!

  1. Sallyann says:

    Hmmm, I see your problem, sometimes one individual post I write can take me over an hour to compose, what about just a taster of the canal walk each time with careful filing of the pictures to re-live the walk in detail at a time when you’ve finished the “labour of love”. 🙂


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