I Hate Work…

When last have you uttered that line? I’m sure we all do from time to time… even just out of sheer frustration at the supposed lack of personal progress or work satisfaction. Well, I’d be rather ungrateful to even contemplate such an utterance. I’d be looking to get back on the dole cue… rapidly!

But… it is a good attention grabber. Yep… I’ve been fortunate, or unfortunate… to have a rather senior manager within our organisation among one of my daily readers. I somehow feel I’m being additionally scrutinised. Should I? No… why? I have to thank said fellow for his compliment. He gets to enjoy the scribbles and photo’s while flitting around Europe… reminders of this green and pleasant land.

I have on the odd occasion felt rather embarrassed when meeting a real, in the flesh, blog follower. I feel as if I’ve let them into my private life… which I have. So… whose fault is that? Surely not theirs! No… if you want to walk the cyber literary lanes then you’ll have to expect bumping into some mortals along life’s real highways and byways.

I hate work? No… I won’t say I love every minute of the day but I sure enjoy the fun and lively interchanges with the folk who share the buildings I frequent. There’s forever a bit of banter… something to smile about… something to encourage someone else for. It’s part and parcel of my day to try and spread a bit of happiness! Why not?

If we didn’t go about our daily tasks in that manner we may well all hate work. Can you imagine what a great atmosphere that would generate? Fantastic! Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been known to have my moments. Life gets the better of me at times. I carry aches… the odd pain occasionally makes the going tough. Then I take a call from this lad or that lass… even just seeing who’s ringing can cause a smile to break out… I anticipate the one-liner coming at me… oh yes, I hate work!

PS – serendipity? I rather didn’t plan this post to go out today… it just happened.  What’s so important about that… well, I’m off for a few days. When some of you read this I’ll be at Connolly Hospital doing my annual diabetes checks… after that? I’m heading for the 12th Lock to continue the Grand Canal Challenge for Midlands SIMON. It looks like the weather may even play along… let’s keep the faith! 😉

PSS – the photo? It fits… how? Every twig needs a branch … every branch needs a tree… ad infinitum… we all need our interplay…  

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3 Responses to I Hate Work…

  1. I always get a bit of a rush when one of my colleagues comment that there is a beautiful pictures or I posted something they didn’t know on my blog.


  2. Sallyann says:

    ha ha, remember not to write about it if you “throw a sickie” ! 😀


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    I absolutely love my job. But sometimes I hate going to work.


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