The Omens… Second Leg…

This time they were substantially better. I remembered everything, even all the paraphernalia for the medical, the wallet, suitably stocked with train fare, the phone… the recharged camera battery, the warm windbreaker and proper umbrella I missed so much last Saturday. I remembered to throw a few of the cents I’d retrieved on that walk into the pocket… just in case the others at the 12th Lock bridge had already taken feet. New tradition?

The cherry on the cake? I even left home with a kiss at the door… sorry, more like a peck on the cheek… none-the-less, the symbolic gesture was a morale booster.

I wasn’t even out of the estate when I picked up the first luck penny… well, to be more exact, a whole twenty cent. I jumped off at Kilcock to pop in at J&R to give Esq R a quick hand with a bit of electrics… then back to the station to get the express train I usually catch into town. At the station gate the next lucky penny presented itself. Off at Maynooth to get the all stations commuter to Castleknock. Hardly in the train door when two more lucky pennies are to be picked up. The signs were getting better at each passing stop. The sun even tried hard to show itself… burning off some of the fluffy low-level grey stuff. Burning off? Maybe that’s a bit harsh… helping with the dispersal process would be more accurate.

Off at Castleknock… before doing 20 meters out of the gates I’m up another 2 coins… 11 cents. Gosh, at this rate of good omens I’m going to have to be playing the lotto before the day is out! Imagine. By nine in the morning I’ve collected more lucky pennies than I manage some other weeks.

The short walk to the hospital got me thinking… looked like I was over prepared… the warm wind breaker and umbrella may have been better suited with a day off as well. But then… this is Ireland… better safe than sorry. The prelims at the hospital were all good. The weight was down by a good 5 pounds… the waist line too. Well, that I knew… been taking the belt in, I have. All the blood results were excellent!

Lots to be grateful for! The signs sure were good… no, GREAT! What a difference a few days makes. The only bit of a dampener? The blood pressure was a tad high… but then, I’d been living with that little inconvenience for many years. But who cares? I was out of the Connolly Hospital about 10h15… heading for Connolly Station and beyond.

But… before I head off to canal walks… thanks again to the dedicated staff at the Diabetics Clinic. These folk have been placed under severe stress by the current economic situation yet their friendly, efficient professionalism shines through!

On to Connolly Station… then the LUAS… then Heuston Station. Now I can say I’ve caught a train at all Dublin’s main hub stations. Off at Adamstown Station and then the walk to the 12th Lock. I’ll tell you what… by the time I reached the bridge I had sweat in the eyes… another sigh? Yes, at last…warm, real summer! Another good omen. The coins were still in place… where I’d left them last Saturday… waiting for my return. I do think they’ve been slightly rearranged… so, they have definitely caught someone’s attention. I wonder… what sign did they carry for who ever found them…

That leaves very little else… a gallery you’ll be getting and because of the idyllic conditions the camera went a little overboard. As I have a very large space reserve I can load plenty of images… so, again… if you want to ‘lift’ a photo or two for your personal collection then please remember what the walk is all about… raising awareness and much needed funds for the Midlands SIMON!

I calculated that I walked just over 20 Kms… that was just along the canal from the 12th Lock to where the good lady collected me about one kilometer past the Leinster Aqueduct. That excludes all the too’ing and fro’ing from stations and hospitals… no wonder my feet are still aching! Anyway… if you need to have a look at the on-line charts… I started on map 3 of the IWAI guide and walked my sorry little feet almost halfway onto map 5! Thanks again to the good folk at the IWAI for allowing me to use their chars on the blog…

God Bless… enjoy your weekend… may the sun shine on you… 😉

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2 Responses to The Omens… Second Leg…

  1. lovely shots – looks like a great walk. good luck with all your fund raising efforts. 🙂


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    Seeing so many boats on the canal makes me realize it’s wider than I thought. Funny to see the more modern boats. You really did a Whole lot of walking. What is the stone tower?


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