There Once was a Man…

There once was a man who needed a plan

Up and down the station platform he ran

That’s how our commute into town began


The man, you see, was paid to drive

To Dublin he pledged to take us alive

But due to a door, on time we’d not arrive


Through the M50 Interchange at quite a lick

That’s when the train doors did not open stick

And make the man run down the platform quick

There once was a man who drove the train

By the time we reached Dublin he was in pain

All his running to his passenger’s gain


We all sat, impatiently waiting to see

If the next stop would be incident free

After all, to the city to go as we’d paid our fee


At Drumcondra station it did not happen again

All the man’s running could not be in vain

A steady pace we were able to maintain


By the time the bridge was crossed at Spencer Dock

The offending door of carriage four seemed to lock

No need for the man to run down and give it a sock


We passed the Liffey at seven forty-three

The morning mists over Poolbeg to see

The sun attempting to make the Bay vapour flee

From Maynooth to Pearse where we wanted to be

The fellow allowed us off the train to be free

That’s what you get when you’ve paid your fee


There once was a man who up and down the platform did run

To secure the train’s door and not for his own fun

Much rather he’ be sitting on the beach in the sun…


There once was a man who along the platform ran

That’s how this Saturday’s train tale originally began

Now the man has many a passenger as his new fan…

There once was a man… who wishes you well

Don’t on life’s negatives too long dwell

May this coming week’s fortunes bode you well… 😉 

About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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