Midweek Mondays… Heads or Tails?

Don’t you just love having a few days off and then going back to work knowing you’re faced with a few different scenarios… on opposite sides of the proverbial coin, so to speak.

Heads, if we may call it that, is the joy of knowing the workweek is reduced. So… in my case this week Wednesday became Monday. Whoopy… only three more days to Saturday. My, how we wish our lives away!

Then we have tails… what’s in store for us on our return? How many e-mails will I need to wade through to get to the few that really matter? Not that the book deal is likely to get sent to my work mailbox. How many unresolved issues will be waiting? Will there be problems because I missed something before taking the few days off?

Fire fighting to be done… crisis management to be implemented. No… surely life carries on at it’s own leisurely pace without the need for my inputs. I have long learned that no man is indispensable… even when we think we’re an important part of the jigsaw… we’re easily replaced. Maybe it’s just as well the weekend is closer at hand… to allow a bit of time to hide from the scrutiny caused by my own errors… or my lack of foresight? Whatever…

There we have it… the elation of a short week versus the dreaded anticipation of walking into a storm, however small or insignificant, on our belated return. I bet no one even noticed I was off. Is that not a good thing in itself? Yep… then everything went well. Oh, maybe not… if the team managed without having me around it may be a sign that I’m surplus to requirement… mmmmmm… now I’ve got myself in knots!

I’m amazed at how easily I can play mind games with myself. Everything will be just fine. Within an hour or so the outstanding or overdue issues will be resolving themselves… all I’m needed to do is to point them in the direction of completion. All the while there’s a nagging thought at the back of my mind… a coin has an edge as well.

So… there’s my hypothetical coin precariously balancing on it’s narrow edge. The slightest knock and it will topple. What is the significance to this all? I haven’t the foggiest. Let’s say I’m waiting with bated breath… anticipating the knock that will have the coin spinning… which way will it land? This lucky penny of mine… heads or tails? Only time will tell…

PS – Talking of time… there’s a special birthday at work today… if I forget to make mention I’ll be in the poo-poo… can never win, can I? It matters not… have fun girl… we’ll all go a-marching on your day! 😉 Or… will we? Only time will tell…

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2 Responses to Midweek Mondays… Heads or Tails?

  1. Sallyann says:

    Heads I win, tails you lose. 😀


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