Something Fishy?

Let’s put it this way… I’m pooped. Again. So… that means you’re getting fobbed off today. Why my lack of giving you a better post? Last Monday saw me doing the 3rd leg of the challenge. That means I been trying to play catch up all week.

Saturday was cricket day… senior son playing in Mullingar. I have many photo’s to work through but as I pushed off on Sunday to complete the 4th leg of the canal walk I have to cry off. Now, I’m faced with the problem of getting the posts all prepared in the shortest possible time.

 What I can tell you at this stage is that I’ve now managed to get properly into County Offaly… now the fund-raising publicity can hopefully get into top gear. I’ll leave you with a few lines of the planned 4th leg post… and also a pic I quite enjoy.

This was taken on Saturday… I couldn’t resist taking a short stroll down to the Royal Canal during the innings break at the cricket. I was lucky to spot this brown trout. I managed a few photo’s in manual macro mode… something I’ve been playing with lately…

OK… on to the introduction lines of leg four’s post… thoughts that developed while I walked the walk…

There once was a fella who yearned to lend a wee hand

Gathering funds for less privileged folk of this green land

So with few resources he decided for the charity to walk…

Stop the waffle, get into action and end the aimless talk

Off to Lock 20 near Ticknevin for starting leg four

He wanted to walk until the feet were just a little sore

I’ll work on completing the ditty and gallery… until then, thanks to all the folk who have contributed lately… to see your names click here. Enjoy your week… have fun and don’t do what I wouldn’t… 😉


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3 Responses to Something Fishy?

  1. Sallyann says:

    Nice catch. 🙂


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    Great shot! I’m impressed with the manual macro. I’ve just been standing back and zooming in.


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