Walk on the Wildish Side… Leg 4

There once was a fella who yearned to lend a wee hand
Gathering funds for less privileged folk of this green land

So, with few resources he decided for charity to walk…
Stop the waffle, get into action and end the aimless talk

Off to Lock 20 near Ticknevin for starting leg four
He wanted to walk until the feet were just a little sore

My planning? To walk without the aid of the brolly
My good lady soon informed me I was off my trolley

To be out in this weather without rain protection would be folly
In no way would the walk be even vaguely jolly

Into the strong breeze straight out of the west
To wreck the umbrella it sure did it’s best

Brolly up and brolly down, subjected to sporadic showers
Who care for the rain, certainly not only the plants and flowers?

The going was soft, heavy and wet
Wet feet assured, I’ll take you a bet

No need to complain, life’s not always meant to be endless fun
Think of the less fortunate who don’t often feel the warmth of the sun

Onward I walk, passing walkers, joggers, dogs and fisher folk
The horse-walk is busy, of that I can vouch for is no joke

Passing by two cyclists who ask for a photo to pose
No problem, I say, I’ve captured many a pretty rose

Onwards, out of Kildare into Offaly I go
At times the walking is painfully slow

The pics of the green countryside I’ll put here for you to see
But I’ll again ask that you please consider my humble plea

Click here to pop over to the charity page
Please donate a bit of your monthly wage

There’ll be Midland’s folk who have difficulty in life
Their gratitude will express when you alleviate their strife

Come on folk, freely give, give … give
Your kindness will help others to live

OK, ok… enough begging from me
Out on the towpath I’ll again next Sunday be!

About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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3 Responses to Walk on the Wildish Side… Leg 4

  1. Sallyann says:

    Wonderful story in pictures. Of course the canal looks great, but I also liked the wobbly bits on the top of the trees and the giant transfomer pretending to be a telegraph pole. 🙂


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