WWWWWW… Scurrilous

Wonderful words on Wednesday has the tendency of making me look for words… any ‘fun’ words that have some sort of bearing on current affairs or the state of wellbeing of the occupants of our house. There I was… awake at 4 am on a very wet morning… why be awake at that ungodly hour? I don’t know… I just was. Not a bad thing, I mused.

There were a few chores that needed a bit of time and as I often wake early I’m used to doing a few bits of creativity on the blogs. OK… ideal, I could start the follow-up post about Sundays leg four walk. I could also upload the link of the walk’s post on a few sites who have members who are following my strolls along the waterways.

Only one small problem… no internet. Man, how spoilt we’ve become. I make the long trek downstairs to reset the modem after checking all my little pc’s settings… I also check the good lady’s laptop… no, it’s not a pc issue… it’s most certainly an ISP issue. Flipping rain, I mumble… it’s got into the network…flipping never ending rain!

Then I’m reminded of another little inconvenience… the good lady has been trying to chase up the order of my mobile internet thingy… ordered more than 2 weeks ago. No joy on their customer service land lines… flipping rain! Is there a connection? Most certainly there is… one and the same company. Different departments maybe… as they’re quick to point out but the very self-same mobile communications company!

Flipping rain? Now a few other choice words start drifting across the metal screens… flipping rain has dire consequences. Think… now the good lady cannot check the leg four-post that is out there in cyber space… well, I hope it’s made it into cyber space. My mind is working overtime… when will the service be restored? I have a commitment for doing daily posts. A few years ago we sat with the same problem, same ISP, many days later our internet was eventually restored.

The word scurrilous creates great mental pictures. Imagine the tiny ant-like folk scurrying about in their darkened underground communications bunkers… trying in vain to restore the links

Imagine the water flowing knee-deep… some of the engineers are barefooted… their pants rolled up above their knees… or as high as they will go. One or two of the management types are better prepared… they at least have welly’s to don. Only problem… with every step the icy water slops over the brim of the boots… down, down… deeper down!

Outrageous scurrying, scurrying outrageously… combined the two words and you’re left with our word for the day… scurrilous behaviour by a mega rich multi-national. This in turn makes me think of UK banks and private security firms… and more rain… maybe the summer of 2012 will be officially written off… sorry, washed away, together with the ISP’s soggy network… scurrilous, I say again!

WWWWWW – Scurrilous… W – scandalous, W – insulting, W – slanderous, W – outrageous, W – defamatory, W – libellous

PS – This transport mode is about as up to date as an abacus in the technological age… or a laptop without an internet connection…

PSS – The good lady has by now resolved the missing web link… needless to say we’re back online… thankfully! Now I can keep the cyber clutter coming in your direction… without skipping a day! Good luck… 😉

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6 Responses to WWWWWW… Scurrilous

  1. Sallyann says:

    I’ve just had a week away and although I took the laptop I resisted the option to buy internet while there. I took uploaded my photos each day and looked at them on the big screen but was suprised how little I missed the online interaction. Back at home and back into routine, it’s unthinkable to have no internet. 🙂


  2. Firefly says:

    I would love to go on a horse carrage ride like that


    • aj vosse says:

      There’s a tourist option for you in PE… down the boardwalk… up Marine Drive… even better, fit the carriage with ‘fat takkies’ and drive up and down at Cape Recife!! 😉


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Ah, the wonders of technology.


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