One of Those Great Days!!

I’ll tell you what!! If you’re a South African today, where ever you may be on this little planet, you’ll be walking a few inches taller! I don’t care where your head has been for the last while… I don’t care if you don’t care much for sport but I’ve said it before… days like yesterday lift a nation!!

I follow two sports… one is a bit of an obsession in our household… that being cricket. What a weekend we’ve been blessed to have! The weather turned against the English… oh, how they’re wishing the rain would return! Too late, I suggest.

Quietly, very quietly, the South African batsmen took the English bowlers apart… and started playing the dominance battle as well. There can be only one winner today. Biff Smith started dismantling England on Saturday and when he was unfortunately out it became the Amla and Kallis show. Man… did they smear the English resolve into the Oval dirt!

When Biff declared the innings Kallis and Amla were still at it!! They were breaking the records, now a certain Mr Amla has the honour of being the SA test run record holder. Good on you… good on you all!!

And then… the news arrived. What news it was!! The Big Easy was again the winner of The Open. What? I shouted down the line… You’ve got to be joking… you’ve got to be having a laugh! But no… soon the cricket commentators were confirming the news!!

I don’t have any of my own pictures of any of the folk I’ve chatted about… what I do have is a pic taken last week of the building where the SA Embassy is located in Dublin… the SA Flag is my proud reminder!! Maybe one day I’ll have the privileged to get pics of them all… then I’ll know I’ve arrived on the right platform of the best station!!

Today I’ll be keeping a close eye on the final day of the first test… like many Saffers will be doing… but if it’s not your glass of red wine then have fun in any case… enjoy your week! May the sun shine, wherever you are! 😉


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2 Responses to One of Those Great Days!!

  1. I am proud to be a South African in general, but today so much more. I loved the cartoon in one of the English newspapers where the Saffa and the Englishman sits at the cricket and the Englishman says, “Your South Africans are playing better than ours!”


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