Onward to Tullamore…

Where do I start? As they say in the classics… why not at the beginning? It was one of those rushed Sunday Mornings… again. The good lady taxi driver needed to throw me off well before ten thirty to get home in time to collect senior son and then take him to NKCC… fortunately he was playing a home game so that discounted any additional travel.

Well, apart from returning later to drop off the son’s share of the innings break snacks. Home made spicy chicken sandwiches… by now a firm favourite among the home team players.

The need for speed necessitated that the good lady drop me a wee distance from my stating point east of Killeen Bridge. So, I walked back east for a kilometer or so before turning around and heading in the right direction. I was wondering what angle to take with the day’s walk? What would I concentrate on? The appearance of a golf course made me think of doing a bit more along the lines of a human post.

So… today’s gallery is filled with people… maybe more so than other times as it so worked out that the area was well populated and the towpath well used. Pity again I did not have the fliers ready but they’ll be well used on the next few outings.

This walk was tinged with a bit of sadness. I passed at least 5 canal side memorials and when I did a bit of research into what possibly lay behind the large stone fortifications in the village of Daingean I discovered the place was once a reformatory for boys. I include a link here to an older blog I found… seems rather scary things happen to the boys who were locked up behind those stark walls.

On a more positive note… the donations are going well! I’ve now twice raised the target as we have almost reached original €500 mark. I have to say… the generosity of folk is amazing. We are truly blessed by your kindness! Many, many thanks to those that have already made donations… and many, many thanks to those who may donate in the future! Click here to see how well the kitty is growing… again I ask, please give freely! May you also be blessed richly by your actions, for after all… they speak louder than words!

PS – Thanks again to the IWAI for the use of their online charts… they make my planning easier and hopefully give you all an idea of the route.

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6 Responses to Onward to Tullamore…

  1. some lovely photos – looks like a great walk.


  2. Sallyann says:

    Great pictures of a lovely walk … yet again. 🙂


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    Looks like such a peaceful place to walk. Surprised more haven’t discovered the charm. Love all the stone bridges. Such a lush countryside. Of course you do seem to get a bit/bunch of rain. Hope you made it in time to pick up your son.


    • aj vosse says:

      Yes, the good lady collected me and then I went off to watch the last bit of senior son’s game…

      It is a green and pleasant land… thanks to all the rain! 😉


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