Some Days…

Some days I just sit… some days I just sit and wonder… and other days I sit and wonder while I sit. Don’t know if you get my drift? Monday morning into town on the early train… the cattle truck, as I call it. No comfortable seat… the half train that is the usual on a Monday… yep, only 4 carriages rather than the normal 8 carriages. Why on a Monday? Why any working day?

By the time the thing gets to Enfield there are no more ‘comfortable’ seats available. One sometimes has the displeasure of having to share a cramped seat right from word go… not even worth getting the laptop out for a bit of creativity. Monday was a morning like this. I could’t make up my mind where to sit so by the time the train got moving I made it to the first available spot… better get a seat before the next station… or before I fall over.

I sat sipping my black brew… tired. Not in the mood to go in early but having to do just that… oh well, life. I sat… staring out the window… mind in limbo… half dozing… one eye open… half awake, the other eye closed. You know the feeling. Life…

I sat observing the fellow passengers… cattle, we all are like cattle. No one cares a rat’s posterior about the other person… we’re all caught up in our own little bubbles. I wonder about the fellow sitting directly opposite… we have something in common… he is sporting a baby blue jumper just like the one I’m wearing. His looks rather newer than mine. Mine is an old favourite… has seen lots of good use… it’s even featured in a few pics on this blog. No… it won’t help if we swap… his jumper will sit on me like a circus tent… he is a rather portly fellow.

We have something else in common… we don’t rise for the ladies… we sit firmly on our posteriors. This is a little matter that gets me every-so-often… should I? Or… should I not? I will always vacate my seat for and elderly, disabled or pregnant person. But… if the lady is half my age should I offer my seat? You tell me. Should I offer my seat when the young fellows stay seated? Should I set the example?

You tell me, won’t you? Should I keep staring out the window and make like I don’t notice the lady staring at all the men who won’t give up their seats? Should I keep wondering why she needs a seat? Is she hiding a disability or is she simply hung-over from the weekend‘s over indulgence? Why am I feeling guilty about relaxing, if that’s what you can call it, while she’s obviously stressing? Oh well… I’m sure she’ll get over it before the day’s end.

Should I sit and wonder about the reasons why folk persist in using obnoxious language in public? Is it a lack of breeding or just plain bad manners? Do manners matter in today’s society? Are we still to vacate out seat for total strangers? I have a bad back… does that allow me to expect someone to allow me the privilege of a seat? How, I hear you say, will they know about my back?

Should I wear a sign? Maybe I should wear a sign stating my dislike for foul language… or a sign stating my dislike for bad manners… gum chewing, snorting, talking at the top of their voices while on their mobiles… playing their i-thingies at excessive volumes… should I even bother to share the planet?

Some days… when I’m ratty like Monday morning on the early cattle truck of a train I want to scream! Do I have a right to scream? Would that not be adding to the already over burdened planet’s noise pollution? So… I just sit and wonder… that’s the safest… sit and wonder.

I wonder about things Olympic. What brings this on? A fellow sporting the uniform and logo of the security company over in the UK that’s no longer the multi-national giant who can do no wrong. Yep, they have been returned to earth with a bump. But at least their top man has apologised. At least they’re paying for their mistake… unlike so many politicians and bankers…

I wonder about the state of play of the security industry in general. Have you ever stopped to take notice… it’s dawned on me that the average staffer is either a middle-aged local or a twenty something foreign national. Some may be too old and unfit to protect property and others may be too weak and inexperienced to do likewise… makes you wonder?

Some days I sit… other days I sit and wonder…

Should I wonder why that tall fellow standing neat the link door is so well-groomed, in his inexpensive supermarket suit, yet his shoes have never seen polish since the day he walked them out the store the first time. Should I wonder why that young one is smearing all that gunk on her face? Why? You’re only messing up your skin, aren’t you?

Should I wonder if the heron I spot along the canal has caught a fish for breakfast or if the farmer may manage to harvest his crop before the rain finally ruins it? Should I wonder? Should I wonder if I’ll have a better seat on the way home?

The sum total of it all… some days I sit… other days I sit and wonder…

Rather pleasant to at least have views like this out of the train windows… even if it was on the way home in the afternoon! 😉

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5 Responses to Some Days…


  2. Sallyann says:

    I wonder … would it have been so wonderful to stand and wonder or do you think there was more to wonder at while you sat ? 😀


    • aj vosse says:

      I see your point! It’s a good one at that! I do think though, you’ve a very naughty take on things… I presume you’ll soon be suggesting I should not wonder at all… I should STAND, without question! 😛


      • Sallyann says:

        It is a difficult one though, to give up your seat or not, with equality and all that some women would actually get offended if you were to stand up for them. Hubby has often said that he worries about opening doors for women because some of them look at him as if he’s an alien and others as if he were an axe murderer.
        As for the seat problem, I would sugest standing up for old or pregnant ladies and mothers with small children and let the rest fend for themselves. 🙂


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