The Funky Principle…

Man… do I regret having the internet on the train! Not really! Why would I say a thing like that? Well… there I was beavering away… while the lady in the seat just in front of me took a call on her mobile… initially I thought it may be a short call… but, how wrong could I be? You know by now… I usually pounce on any opportunity to type while the folk have their one-sided conversations… but, as I was doing a bit of e-mailing I was rather slow on the uptake…

I think it was her ex-boss the blond lady was chatting with… a school principal. The conversation developed… and developed… and developed! The fun really started when the lady accidentally engaged the phone’s speaker during the ongoing conversation.

Laser eye surgery… Tullamore agricultural shows… schools in Mullingar… holidays in France… all good clean fun! I now know quite a bit about the school’s new paint scheme… funky…

“But then,” says your woman… “You’re a funky principle…” Viola!! I have a title for the next train tale… fun I say… all good clean fun. Until they start discussing some hearing that’s due to take place… someone is in deep do-do’s! Deep! I’ll tell you what… I don’t want to land on the wrong side of said blond lady. Rather determined type… to say the least.

Yes… on the train, she again says. So what? Funky principle is in need of a listening ear. Yes, the wife and kids enjoyed France. No, he wasn’t too sure about that… yet. Blond lady also had a good break… new job for her too when the school year starts. Yes, she’d popped in to ensured the janitor’s assistance in painting and cleaned up the new office. Otherwise it would have been like a dungeon. I instantly thought of the old seminary up on the hill… where senior son has played a few games of cricket.

Better pay in the offing now too… she says to the fella. I could divulge the amount thrown about but that may really throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Let’s put it this way… if I cleared the monthly amounts they were discussing we would live rather comfortably. Back pay, yes… he must look into that… some allowance they are actually entitled too… no, board of management discretion. Must be… great…yes, this eye is almost done now… back in next week for the procedure on the other eye. Hmmm, yes… painful. The improvement is good. Must go… yes, almost at Connolly now. OK… and on and on the conversation goes.

At this point I’m packing up the laptop… travel mug into bag, ready to get my buzzing ears off the train. I have a thought… back into the bag for a flier. I pass it over the seat to the lady… after- all, she’s got all that back pay and lives in the Midlands… perfect target! When her eyes are good enough again to read. As I walk off I mumble something about doing train tales. I wish her good luck for the eye op… and make my way to the door.

I’m already off the train when I realise I need a photo… I head for the nearest platform bench, sit down and dig the camera out of the bag, watching for her approach in the crowd. Fortunately she’s still on the phone so she doesn’t even notice where I’m sitting, camera in hand. I get my photo’s… great. Now I have a train tale and a pic… all the reward for going into Dublin on a Saturday for work!

PS – If you look closely at the lady’s left hand you’ll see the folded leaflet… I hope it didn’t find an ignominious end in the bin… no, surely not… that kind lady would not have been so men to my bit of paper!

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6 Responses to The Funky Principle…

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    It’s so funny/funky to over hear these one sided conversations.


  2. Sallyann says:

    Isn’t it funny how the mind gives you stereo-typed pictures of the people it can’t see ? I was expecting a more elderly lady, with a skirt and sensible heels rather than the lady who fitted in perfectly with the crowd for a “dress down” Saturday’s shopping in town. 🙂
    It’s easy to forget that once they leave the premises, teachers are people too. 🙂


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