Dublin Street Views – Wild Life in Phoenix Park

I’m slow with today’s post. For good reason, I think. Yesterday was reported to be the warmest day of the year in the UK and yes, I know we live in Ireland, but still… our weather mirrors that of the UK. Well, some will say we’re closest to the Atlantic systems so, their weather mirrors ours!

OK… enough dithering. I’m rather at a loss as to what post to do first… but as I spent quite a bit of time in Phoenix Park where senior son was playing cricket I went on a few short walkabout’s. There was much to see… much to enjoy… much to snap away at. About 100 meters from where the cricket game was unfolding under the glorious Irish sky is a small lake… pond… watercourse…  whatever.

splashing moorhenWhile out on my own personal wildlife safari and circumnavigating the great expanse of water I spotted a moorhen… who very pleasingly allowed me this action shot.  Yes, I know there’s a lack of crispness, a lack of focus… a lack of photographic merit. That’s the reason why you’re seeing the picture. Why? My inability to get the action shots work correctly led me to concentrate on other, slower moving, wild life.

splashing at the pondLike the members of this strange species of waterfowl… also found along the shores of the pond. By the way… as this post is all about life in Phoenix Park I’d better name the pond…  the Dog Pond… or even the Citadel Pond. What would this species of wader be better known as… the colloquial name could be something along the lines of the lesser long white-legged bird…

Phoenix Park cricket on a sunny day...Out on the plains male members of the tribe were participating in a strange pre-mating ritual. I’m told this ritual sorts the men from the boys. Well, that means our sub-tribe are men for they came away with the honours on the day. Also to be seen are a few reclining members of the urban tribe… the sun was surely getting to them… or, if they stayed there much longer it sure would leave it’s mark.

cricket of PP...Onward I go… then to see this sight… one of the female members of the urban tribe recording details of the victorious member’s attributes… while the old wise sages look on… wishing they still had it in them to partake in the ritual. I wonder who she fancied the most? Maybe even my own offspring? Now… that could help with the survival of the sub-sub-tribe…

Dublin Zoo fences...The safari continues… so it must. Now fully on my quest to discover the habits of the wild life in the Park. Soon I spot the high walls… the fences. Is it to keep things in or protect the tribes from each other? Alas, no… it’s the perimeter of the place they call Dublin Zoo. To keep the real animals confined! I am not a fan of zoos. But some say it’s the only way the urban human tribe ever get to learn about man’s negative impact on mother nature!

tea in PPOh well… on to other pastimes. Mixed herds of the tribe sit around sipping and munching under the warm sun. Another strange habit of the tribe… to lap up hot fluid called tea… crazy.

Sun in Phoenix ParkThe midday heat must be exhausting some of the weaker members of the urban tribe… some are seen scurrying for cover… some have fallen to the sun. Drat… would resuscitation help? Wonder who’ll ask?

uuFun in the park...Look! There’s another sort of mad carry-on. What are they at? These urban types find every excuse to mess about under the sun. Observe the dedicated male of the species… prostrating himself as protection for his young… while the errant mother is on the frolic?

Skating in Phoenix ParkFrolic? The alpha male seems to be leading his little gaggle on the slippery downhill path. What’s that they’ve sprouted on their feet? Mobility well developed. Is that why some of the urban lot are called upwardly mobile? Downwardly mobile? Maybe just sideways mobile…

Boy on pole... ;-)Forward still… There’s a large stone structure in another section of the park… a very prominent feature I’ll tell you about later in the week. Still… I was reminded of the antics of those monkeys who are left to roam free in the temples of a certain Indian city… is this a new habit of the Irish urban dweller? Clambering on the monuments?

Shade in Phoenix ParkThe heat is now getting to the herding throngs… they’re flopping… or sheltering in the shade of the tall pole. Spotted on the monument…  a few of the urban Ozzie tribe? Maybe… maybe just a few colourful folk. Some are feeding at the mobile refreshment supply… cold stuff, me thinks…

Sunshine in Dublin... Others seem oblivious of the heat… or are they planning on turning themselves into differing shades of pink… cerise… vermilion? N-aah  they’re just lounging about waiting for some of those victorious members of the rural team to come snap up their prize? Or are they?

Smoking out the opposition? And so… back to where it all began… full circle, back to where our lads are fighting for the honours. Now what are the opponents trying to do? Smoke out our king bee? No… I think they’re doing that meat burning thing that only ever seems to happen about twice a year… when the sun manages to stay out for longer that 3 hours!

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2 Responses to Dublin Street Views – Wild Life in Phoenix Park

  1. Sallyann says:

    Looks like a lovely park. Like the picture of the pavilion behind the sleepy cyclist 🙂


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    Nice to see people out during these brief peak at sunshine.


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