Damselfly Day…

One day bright sunny weather the next grey or damp. That’s been the effect in the last few summer weeks. So… on a much better day junior son and friend joined me along the Royal Canal for a bit of afternoon fishing.

Bream caught in the Royal CanalThe fishing was slow… JS being the only one lucky enough to land a smallish bream while we looked on. So what… asked I? We were out in the fresh air… along the canal. I wasn’t really fishing as such. More like listening to the radio… the long-wave BBC coverage of the last day of the test series between England and SA. Guess who won? Guess who’s the new number one team in the world? OK… I won’t rub it in… sorry, I have to rub just a wee bit. Yes… the Saffers are on top! Our lads did it… out played, out thought… out everything’ed the Poms! Great!!

OK… back to the fishing. After JS caught the only fish in the canal we moved to a different spot. We’ve fished below the 17th Lock at Ferrans before so we set off in that direction again. The fishing remained slow… hence the title of the post. Not fishing along the Royal… no damselfly day.

damselfly on iris leafI enjoyed the afternoon out… getting my reward for venturing out into the wilds… well… if you know what I mean.

sunburst reflection...There were 3 of these beauties cavorting in the sunlight but as hard as I tried I could only get one at a time. I tried getting them in flight… to no avail. I tried manual macros and even though the shots were the best action they weren’t crisp… so you’re not seeing any of them. Oh well… turn my attention to more sedentary images…

caught... spiderweb... On the way back to the car my attention was caught in the webs… well almost. The sunlight did a real good job in illuminating the fine threads suspended in the still air… beauty sure has a way of finding anywhere to manifest itself!

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5 Responses to Damselfly Day…

  1. Sallyann says:

    Love the fairy in the cobweb. 🙂


  2. Gaelyn says:

    That’s why it’s called fishing not catching. Nice shot of the spider web in the sun.


    • aj vosse says:

      I love fishing!! Just to sit around near the water listening to it’s flow through the locks is enough… then the added bonus of getting a few pics too… 😉


  3. Hahahahaha, I just had such a laugh. When I saw the titel I thought why would you be posting about my Damselfly (the Mrs). LOL! Love the pic of the feather in the web.


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