S(n)ailing Away… Evolution in One Foul Swoop!

Last Saturday while I was sitting below the 1st Lock and Effin Bridge waiting for 31B to make an appearance I noticed something slightly odd. Quite a few boats had passed already, each time a boat passed through the locks above the bridge they seemed to flush out a new collection of debris.

'Red shoes' in the Royal CanalOf this mess in the canal a few sights caught my eye. I wonder still if the little owner of the doll is still missing her toy? Or, did she possibly grow tired of ‘Red Shoes’ and dump her in the canal… a watery end? No… that would be cruel, no little girl would want to put an end to their relationship in such a way. Maybe ‘Red Shoes’ yearned for the distant beyond and set off down the canal seeking a better life on the wild waters of life.

This fella caught my eye as well… where was he heading? Where did his journey start? Does he even know the answers to the questions or is he just a hapless hitch hiker?

Sitting there… watching the tin bobbing about in the pull and flow of the water reminded me of so many nature programs explaining the distribution of species across the globe. The rare iguanas and tortoises of the Galapagos Island are a prime example. There are others… the ancient species that have developed and evolved on the Australian continent… the big range of monkeys found across the islands of the Pacific or Indian Oceans.

These species are mostly said to have pitched up on ocean flotsam as castaways… later to change and evolve into unique species… one of a kind… simple theory, that’s what the Darwinists and evolutionists want us to believe.

Well.. I’m left to wonder… why did the species not keep moving about and colonising new islands or continents? Why did this migration only seem to happen millions of years ago? Could a few renegades not have moved off to newer lands to develop new species? Toads floating along on their reed beds… to become monkeys? Our snail? What specie would he/she/it/xxyy want to turn into in a few million years?

Imagine our common garden snail eventually arriving on the Isle of Man. Say they have no common garden snails over there… would our snail now be a new specie as they’ve never had snails before? No… but out snail could go forth and multiply… yes, our snail is a hermaphrodite. There you have it… in a few million years there’ll be a new baboon specie running around on the Isle of Man. Guess what? My theory may by then have become internationally famous. Our snail, yes, our snail who so enthusiastically took off down the Royal Canal, would be known as the founding mother/father/ancestor of the thriving troop of baboons doing the weekly TT run on quad bikes around the island’s famous race way…

Mind you… as ridiculous as you think my hypothesis may be… if Darwin’s theories are accepted as fact then so should mine be! See what you get when they allow me out to go boat chasing on a Saturday… sad, I know!

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6 Responses to S(n)ailing Away… Evolution in One Foul Swoop!

  1. great shots of that sailing snail.


  2. Sallyann says:

    Maybe, after floating around on the can for weeks on end with nothing but canal water to drink the snail will mutate … Mutant Ninja Snail ! 😀


  3. Gaelyn says:

    Very interesting theories. At first I thought you’d actually found a dead body.


    • aj vosse says:

      I must say… the doll looks kind of creepy… as for the origin of the species… evolution has a place in the greater scheme of things… but it is massively secondary to our real origin! I’m no descendant of a slug or algae… 😉


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