Double Beauty!!

My highlight for an eventful day? I’ll get to that in due course but first I’ll have to fill you in on the walk. Yes… I’ve made it… I’ve seen tha Shannon from the bank again… and this time the good lady was there to see it with me! Thanks to her for all the effort… the driving along unknown roads without her GPS in the back seat… I’m sure there was the odd day that she would gladly have left me out there along the towpath.

I had a very good day… the weather really spoilt me… getting better with every step. Yep… I left home without a hat… now I resemble a red beach ball. And that at this time of the year. Ok… as I have many photo’s to work through and write-ups to complete before I can do a post or two about the last Grand Canal walk I’ll get back to my highlight of the day… getting a pic of the special one getting a pic… of a very obliging butterfly.

Butterfly... macro style...Another highlight? King Blade Runner and Prince doing what they do best!! Well done Oscar and Arno (and the other lads)… you fill a Saffer’s heart with joy… and heaps of pride!

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3 Responses to Double Beauty!!

  1. Sallyann says:

    A happy hello to the good lady. 🙂
    Is this also a picture of the “new black job” ? and, tell me is the little black job still sitting in the airing cuboard ? 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      No… the good lady owned a black job long before I was granted to privilege… it her Sony while I’m using my Nikon to capture the moment.

      As for the little black job, I sure miss the handiness of the little thing… but, alas the airing cupboard and the rice treatment has had no rejuvenating effect!!! 😦 Sad… but true!


      • Sallyann says:

        Oh such a shame, as much as I’d like a nice black number too, I have to admit that I do like the way the little red camera fits so easily into my pocket. 🙂


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