Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit…

How did this post come about? I’m still working on all the nitty-gritty of all the details but let’s say… if you’re a WP blogger you have more and more tools available as time passes to stimulate your creativity. The wise folk out there are thinking up new ideas all the time… just have a look at the links to articles lower down the page when you’re next checking your stats.

This is how I found the ‘I’m part of the post a day 2012’ badge… and, seeing as I’ve been doing a post a day for almost 18 months… why not give it a go? But I waffle… again!

The weekly photo challenge of the week notifications arrive once you sign up. This weeks… Free Spirit. Mmmmh? I looked a little harder… intense? The detail? The name of the photographer caught my eye… a fellow Saffer. The photo also caught my eye. Yes, click here for a look at the article.

The thing about the photo? It’s taken on the rim of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. The reminders were almost tangible! Yep… I’ve stood on the rim of the canyon myself. I’ve walked the canyon…  many years ago. How many years ago? When the rock formation then known as ‘God’s Finger’ was still having it’s nail manicured by the winds of change…

Free spirit? Yep… even in the regimented environment of school or military I’ve always been a bit of a maverick… a free spirit of sorts. An odd plum in the mango basket? A go-it-my-own-way type of lad. I believe in discipline… yet, I can’t handle excessive abuse of power. I don’t suffer fools lightly yet I’m always up for a new idea or challenge… especially if there could even be the slighted inkling of fun or frolic. I want to travel… my way, no touristy stuff. No sir… no group coaches… no round robin pre-planned itineraries.

Free Spirit? Yes… I do the occasional daft thing… like last Friday evening when I missed the last Sligo Express. I was forced to take a commuter to Maynooth, which is only about two-thirds of the way home. What then? Simple… I’d walk to the bus stop and wait. I thought I knew where the bus stop was but as they’d changed the road layout I must have walked right by in the semi-darkness.

No problem… I’d never been shy to hand out a thumb when in need of a ride. Long time since I’d been so bold but as I was wearing a suit on the day I felt even in the darkness motorists would (hopefully) look upon me kindly. I also had the camera slung about my neck… bag on back… bearded, suited… must have been quite a sight in the dark.

I kept walking… taking photo’s… playing with the camera settings and hanging out the thumb every time a car approached. I was soon walking adjacent the Laraghbryan Cemetery outside the town. A few flickering lights attracted attention. Folks leave candles burning… others install solar-powered LED’s. One red glow attracted most of my attention so there I was, standing on the opposite side of the road taking photo’s of the almost ethereal glow seemingly floating near one of the massive headstones… ghosts?

... red mist of the free spirit... Free the spirit? I must have looked rather silly in the car’s headlights as they whizzed by. One such car was a ‘Doctor on Call’ rescue vehicle… how could I resist pointing the camera in that direction?

I often wonder about the merits of these photo’s… I don’t want to toss them in the cyber trash… I occasionally like one or two of them. That’s why you’re seeing them today. I’ve been liberated… the free spirit in me has had occasion to wander along the cemetery road in the dark and even been encouraged to share the experience and a few of the photo’s!

Bugs go by... Please feel free… spirit free, to tell me what you think… and to a certain Mr Louw… thanks for jogging my old memory… thanks for throwing a spark into the imagination’s tinder. I hope you approve of my take on things… next time you’re at Ais-ais please enjoy a cold one for me… hopefully one with a blue label carrying the Namibian capital’s name…

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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit…

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  2. Gaelyn says:

    I’ve thought of joining the WP challenge yet seems I usually have enough to blog about. These are great images from your “free spirited” walk. Hope you got home OK. 😉


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… I did get home safely… yes, I also think I have enough to write about but it’s good to see the perspectives of others and then equally good to express ones own interpretation of things…


  3. Free spirit as a theme is so open ended. I probably would have taken a pic of Drama Princess running on a beach or somewhere.


  4. Sallyann says:

    Great picture of the car lights … they look like coloured sparklers. 🙂


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