Dublin Street Views – The Showman on the Corner.

I’ve been working on a few walk related posts… I have to complete the account of last weekend’s Grand Canal walk but on occasion something else jumps in the way… as with this particular post. I stumbled on this scene quite by accident… as these things always seem to happen. here’s that word again… serendipity.

Once or twice a week I walk from work to Connolly Station… usually I’m blessed with a few opportunities to get photo’s or inspiration for a blog post or two. Wednesday afternoon was no exception. I didn’t quite get my route correct and when I looked again I was on the western side of St Stephens Green. Just before I ducked into a gate to head away in an easterly direction I heard a commotion at the corner of the road. A sizable crowd was forming at the top of Grafton Street, an area very popular with shoppers and tourists.

Dance for the people... Not being a fan of throngs I usually steer well clear but on this occasion curiosity overcame aversion. Thankfully! I found a reasonably open spot and while getting the camera from the bag I kept an eye on the antics of the fellow.

Enjoy the day... add the penny's... He’s a born showman… no doubt about that. Pity I’d only stumbled on the last part of the performance. He was playing the crowd… pointing at the big blue hat… his collection implement. Next his shirt came off… then the under the burning horizontal performance only followed after he’d done a few acrobatics on the mat… yep… look at the physique… supple, lithe… a showman indeed!

The lad passes the hat around... Grafton Street Dublin busker... I managed a few pics of his fun performance. The crowd responded… quite a number passed by the hat. Me? I’ll do a bit of free publicity for the lad… yes, I know you want to know if I also passed by the hat. No… sorry to say, as you regulars will testify… I hardly ever carry money. You know the answer to that as well… the filthy stuff burns my clothes…

So long… enjoy your weekend. I pledge to go via the stage again… with cash to dump in the hat! Yes… I do!! 😉

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