September Mornings…

Yes… September is now in full swing… that means a few things. Here, in the northern hemisphere, the autumn is also in full swing. Swinging fall… or falling swing? Judging by yesterday’s early morning temperatures even the few swallows still enjoying the last vestiges of our much lamented summer will have set their internal navigation systems, flexed their wings and started their dash to sunnier shores down south.

September means back to school and in our case, off to college for senior son. Life moves on… at a rapid pace. September means change… the change of seasons, the change of attitudes. Yep… school boys become young men at the turn of the month. Now they have to go off to collage… or start brand new shiny jobs.

September means the swallows and swifts, among others, depart for distant shores. The cool mornings continue their headlong rush toward the winter solstice… turning darker and colder… colder and darker. Soon I’ll be off to the station in the dark… and back home in the dark! The leaves turn colour… soon they’ll mostly all cover the forest floor… not long before they start the slow decomposition… becoming food for next year’s fresh growth. The cycles of life. September is a change month… for the better? For the worse? New and old… old surpasses new… but new also replaces old.

Warm new ambition soon to replace faded old frustration… the leaf-mould of life’s past promise providing the enriching energy for the growth of a bright future to come… nurturing the sapling that once was the small seed filled with such potential of exuberant enthusiasm.

September winds… fuelling the promise of a challenging yet prosperous future. Fresh morning air stimulating the new thought processes… reinvigorating the stale ideas of last year’s academic achievement. Blow breezes, blow… refresh the soul… renew the vigour… out with last season… in with the new dawning.

Hope... for the future... I have to confess… a WP blogger’s title passed through my inbox… Judith’s September Morning stirred something… thanks Judith!

PS – I love rainbows… they’re a sign of something brighter… the promise of a future. So, when leaving Connolly Station yesterday afternoon the camera was almost ripped out of the bag when this beauty presented itself! Wrong settings… dirty train window… for effect… today’s photo guaranteed!

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2 Responses to September Mornings…

  1. Sallyann says:

    I spotted the similarities in the titles too. 🙂
    And as for the rainbow… 😀


    • aj vosse says:

      I sort of think my post happened because I spotted Judith’s title… strange how the mind is twigged by something as seemingly insignificant…


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