Canada’s Greatest Export…

Last Saturday’s Leonard Cohen concert threw many memorable moments in our direction. During the intermission we met a group who were obviously Canadian and needless-to-say, very proud of the fact. I don’t know how the conversation began but as I’m prone to stumble into these occurrences I don’t really care either.

Ok… no matter about the little trivialities of introductions to total strangers… we’ll just say the obvious signs attracted my attention. The good lady was off on a wild photo chase… trying to sneak past security to get the tiny point-and-shoot as close to the action as possible. There I was… minding my own business when a very red and white flag swirled across my field of vision.

Aaaha… Canadians visiting Ireland to see their National Hero? Must be! The banter was soon underway and by the time the good lady made her way back to where we were standing I was already well on the way to making the acquaintance of the ladies… two sisters, one now living in London and married to a proud Irish lad. I introduced the good lady and lo and behold… the youngest member of Group Canada sported the same name.

That really got things going! Tales of ancestry and travel… parents crossing oceans and moving from continent to continent to bare their off-spring. Interesting. They soon forgot about me… the boring Saffer. I just stood, listening and nodding like a polite host should.

To my good lady’s credit… she found a way to drag me back into the discussion… acting as my publicist. Soon a few of my by now ‘calling card’ Midlands SIMON fliers were being dished out. One of the ladies mumbled something about knowing a publisher when I blurted that I was hither-to unpublished. So… you never know… soon I may have a Canadian publisher.

But I digress… again. Again I have to say all this was only possible because we were united at this point in time at this venue because of our attraction to the modern phenomenon which must surely be Canada’s Greatest Export!

The Maple Leaf at the Leonard Cohen show, Dublin 2012PS – The little camera tries it’s best to get all the action… I have to give it it’s dues… so, please forgive the little job’s faults…

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7 Responses to Canada’s Greatest Export…

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  2. friendly, polite types us Canadians… 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Yes Mam… I was waiting for your comment! 😉

      Indeed… I base my assumptions about the good natured behavior of Canadians on my experiences with a certain lady blogger who often comment on my posts!! A certain lady that’s pretty good with a camera herself!! 😛


  3. Its amazing how people are willing to have their picture taken by strangers. LOL!


  4. Gaelyn says:

    I love chatting with strangers to make new acquaintances. Good networking.


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