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Life has a way of keeping one on one’s tows and entertained in ways we don’t always anticipate. That makes the whole process of living so much more fun, does it not? I was drawn into two separate chats/ discussions/ tirades/ commiserations about the lot of the long-term expat. I believe we the South Africans who have chosen to live outside our country’s borders are part of the new Diaspora… we have all chosen, or been forced, to scatter across the globe.

I’d heard a bit of unsubstantiated news about a Lotto winner back in SA who’d been murdered a week or so ago… murdered very close to the lotto pay out station just after receiving his windfall. Sounds like insider trading of an evil kind, does it not? True or not… this seems to illustrate our concerns about the future of our country folk…

However, whatever the reasons for our struggles, we have to accept… as did the Irish before us and other races before them, that new horizons may be our lot for life. I was not long away from the second chat when later in the afternoon there’s an interesting mail in my inbox. Cheri Lucas of WordPress has uploaded the following post… Focus On: Expat Life Blogs… click here to have a read of her post.

Is this coincidence or is it my friend serendipity at play again? Those of you who know me a little better will know I don’t do coincidence… it’s by far too loose a concept to really have any meaning… so, serendipity it must be. But the whole issue again reminded me of a post I did in March… the start of that I’ve included below. Feel free to have a look at the reasons I give, as a Saffer at large, for why we’ve left behind a paradise of sorts… yep… life can be strange, and sometimes…  just a little cruel…

The reflection of the South African flag off the building where the SA Embassy is housed in Dublin…

The Saffers at Large…

Previously posted on 13/03/2012

As mentioned some weeks ago, one of the ever-increasing numbers to play a part in the South African statistics game is the ceaseless flow of emigration. There are all sorts of facts and figures, myths and rumours abounding. The only thing that seems certain is that folk continue leaving the good old country in their droves.

Why? The simplest of answers is to propose the direct correlation between two statistics. The growing emigration figure is inexorably linked with the growing crime threat. Simple. Yes, there are other factors, the state of the governance, corruption, nepotism, and… do I dare throw in reverse discrimination, to name but a few.

The way of Africa, other’s would say. Yes, I’m afraid this seems the norm. It seems not to matter where in Africa you find yourself… there’ll be folk leaving for safer shores. But back to the Saffers. Why are we all on the move? Why have we been on the move for a few decades now?

First it was apartheid that drove some away. Some fled for their lives, others left because they were able to and yet others because they couldn’t face conscription or the thought of living under the rule of an unjust government. Some pushed off to further their Marxist ideologies. Usually these pursuits were coupled with violent intent. Plainly put… they went off to communist terrorist camps, later to return to South Africa to fight their dirty battle. Even now some of these trained members, now of the free community, are still using knowledge gained back then… to further their violently criminal agendas.


I’ll leave you to click here and read the rest… but below is my take on why we live in other lands. Everything here is not perfect. Far from it… the place is a mess yet we can live with a certain understanding of the potential of a future… in peace and freedom!

Rowan Gillespie’s The KISS… says a lot, does it not?

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2 Responses to Focus On: Expat Life Blogs – Saffers at Large…

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I rather like the idea of global community and moving about the world as desired but not forced/chased from anywhere.


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