Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary Man…

Yesterday’s photo challenge was still fresh in my mind when I went off to work. How could it not be? I’d just published the post about an hour earlier. I change trains at Connolly Station and usually head for the front few carriages as this allows me direct access to the turn-styles at my destination.

However, the still morning air made me change my routine… to allow me to get a few pictures at Grand Canal Dock… should the building reflections be good. I could not have been rewarded better. The image of the old fella captivated me. How would I get a photo without asking or imposing myself? I retrieved the camera from the bag and pointed it out the window… taking pictures as we went along.

We stopped at the next station and as the people were boarding and disembarking I tried to shoot during all the movement. Only thing… a camera sporting a  70/ 300 lens is not really an unobtrusive object… it sort of adds meaning to the ‘in your face’ phrase. I eventually settled on standing side on… making like I was looking out the window. The camera hanging from the strap around my neck… down at the midriff.

I pointed in the general direction of the man and fired away. Fortunately the trains wheels clickety-clackety camouflaged the sound of the shutter. I looked down between shots, did a few direction and focus adjustments and were blessed with these few shots.

What a magical face! The lines of years and years of life etched on every inch… the white hair and beard witness to the years of toil. I immediately thought of those old fishing boat captains one sees in the movies… the sea air seems to bleach the hair even whiter.

I played around with the colours… I think the pensive refection captured in the second photo is better illustrated in black and white. The more I look at the photos the more they scream SOLITARY!! One lonely old man approaching the latter days of his life… what stories can he tell?

One a less solitary note… I’ve been meaning to welcome the folk who have taken the time to join OMBH lately and those who return often to read/ like my posts. Thank you all… you make my efforts worthwhile. You also give me good reason to attempt new things and keep trying to improve… and yes, the act of blogging can be a tad solitary as well… locked in our dark little holes clattering away at the keys… fun? Yes!

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary Man…

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  3. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    He does have a magical face!! love the photo.


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  8. Gaelyn says:

    These captures are Superb! His face has many stories to tell for sure. Pretty sneaky, but it worked. I now have lens envy with only an 18-200.

    Met two nice young chaps from Dublin today. They want to hike the canyon. I mentioned you and the blog. They were familiar with the Midlands Simon Community. It really is a small world.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks Gaelyn… I suffering a bit of lens envy myself… Sigma have a 50/ 500 out… the claim it’s perfect for all sorts of things but I’ll have to win the lotto… it’s going for about 1600…

      Yes… a small world indeed! Good to here there are still nice lads in Dublin.. some days I wonder! 😉


  9. Thisis beautiful! Where is Grand Canal Dock at?


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