Working Saturdays…

Those of us previously unemployed who are now again tax generators for the government are fortunate enough to occasionally have to work weekends. Saturdays mostly. There are advantages and disadvantages to weekend work… one of my biggest bugbears is the fact that the government places such a premium on overtime work… taxing so heavily that it’s often not worth doing the overtime.

Ungrateful? Maybe… but when I say one has to work almost two hours to earn one hour’s pay you may get my point. The government should incentivise endeavour… not fleece those who want to earn more taxes for them! OH well, life. The other disadvantages are missing senior son’s last game of a stretched season… and of course not being at home with the family. But they may tell you things are better when I’m not around! As I’ve said before… life! 

There are advantages as well… the most obvious one being the few extra pennies in the pay-packet at the end of the month… new lens? No… every extra penny helps contribute toward senior son’s college fees. Life… as I’m prone to say.

Another positive Saturday work throws up is the amount of photo opportunities and then by association, blog posts… as in the case of yesterday’s Solitary Man. But often work needs to be carried out during the weekend because it allows for more controlled, less risky operations. Like crane lifts or basket work at high levels.

Saturday was such day. The camera could point this way and that… allowing a few different options… from the roof of one building with the other as backdrop or from below. The lads from Edenderry in Offaly were only too obliging. Quick with a chat and a smile.

One of the youngsters asked what I did with all the photos I take… well, I said rather sheepishly… I write a daily blog… OMBH…  occasionally using the odd photo. Ten seconds later he showed me the by now very familiar bumblebee banner… yep, modern technology has a way of catching us out! Anonymity no more!!

The lad suggested I capture a few more pics… why not, I ventured… I’ll do a post… you pass on the link at work on Monday. I must add… the project boss was standing within a few feet at this point. I further mumbled that I’d passed on a few fliers a few weeks earlier.

I couldn’t resist the urge…  be sure to point to the Midlands SIMON logo… as the company is based in the heartland of the Midlands a small contribution would be appreciated. Tit for tat… one hand washing the other… that sort of thing!!

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4 Responses to Working Saturdays…

  1. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    I must agree with you about the over time pay pennies. !Life!


  2. Sallyann says:

    A bit of neck craning going on too to get some shots from different angles ?


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