SIMON Week – Mind The Gap

Last week’s writing challenge had me telling you all about my take on minding the gap. The Gap? The gap between the have’s and the have-nots’. I went further…  about my passion for getting involved with our local village… helping folk near, rather than sending our hard-earned money halfway around the world.

Sort out the mess in our own backyard first… then, when we have all the issues under control we can start moving further afield. OK… before you wonder why I’m rehashing all of this info let me put you in the picture. Today, SIMON week gets underway… please click here to visit their site. You’ll read all about the need and some of the steps that can be taken to alleviate that need. Feel free to take a step yourself.

I have to go a step further… as I’m very blessed to be involved with the Midlands SIMON I’ll pass on the link to their page as well. Please click here to read about their efforts in the Midlands… or, if it makes your day slightly easier… read the info as seen on one of my fliers…

As its Simon Week I need to be involved as well. Maybe I should go off and do a bit of walking along the Shannon in the Athlone area… maybe I should. Saturday or Sunday sounds like as good a time as any. I’ll keep you updated… but for now, why not click here to have a look at my charity page? We are well on the way to raising €1200 at this point… with more awareness stirring I’ll keep going… let’s see how soon we can get to the present target!

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