Weekly Photo Challenge – MINE aka October Fools Day…

Monday… wake up to the great news! Not only have Europe retained the Ryder Cup… they’ve won it outright! Amazing how sport can lift the spirit… how something as seemingly trivial as the result of a golf game can be inspirational. Trivial…

Yes… something as trivial as a spectacle frame breaking. Yes… now I’m without my vision enhancers… almost lost. I’m not even at work when the first text messages arrives. I can’t read the fine print… even at arm’s length. I do the unthinkable… I gently elbow the lady in the seat beside me… she whips out the thingies in her ears… then kindly reads the fine print.

Now I know who the text is from… I read the message and reply… all at maximum limb extension. More messages follow. I can’t be bothered asking the girl next door again… soon she may think I’ve devised a new chat-up strategy. I call back… even though I hate making calls while on the train.

Monday. Trivial… should I bother to dig the notepad from bag. OK… I’ll give it a go, after all… I can enlarge the text. Middle age… it has it’s drawbacks! Then, on the other hand, if I can’t see the print I’ll be able to play solitaire. Then the unthinkable happens. I was labouring away at this post when the Weekly Photo Challenge arrived in the inbox… MINE? MINE!!

Recognition was instant… what could be more MINE than the pair of broken spectacles laying uselessly at home. OR, for that matter… the pair of safety glasses stashed away in my unused car’s cubby-hole? Pray tell… what? MINE… made for my set of eyes… tested, created… designed… fitted. Adjusted to fit my skew scull… MINE… the word clanged and clattered within the confines of my bone box. MINE… because of their utter uniqueness I was lost without them.

Mine… long time since I’ve had such a frustrating day… I eventually had to ask folk to read things for me. I can make out most of the words but as my eyes tired the hazy blurriness increased.

MINE... Glasses… spectacles… vision enhancers… call them what you want… October first was a day where I surely missed MINE! Now I’m going to have to cough up quite a few hard-earned sovereigns to get them replaced… mine, all mine… gone. Why? Because this October Fool’s day was most certainly not a day that I’ll call MINE… sans glasses, sans money, sans, sans… sans sanity!

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11 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – MINE aka October Fools Day…

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  4. Sallyann says:

    Great picture, love it !
    Eyes, glasses, I’m lost when MINE don’t work too. 😦


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… yes, the smiley sketch came in handy… with a bit of modification… but that’s a story for another day!!

      I have modified my safety glasses… believe it or not, they’re the same prescription specification… they also don’t look too OTT… I’m not look too much the fool! 😉


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