The Folly of Friday…

I sat staring out of the train’s window… just staring. Thinking about the day as it would be unfolding. Thinking about the fifth day of the working week. Friday as it’s know by billions around the world. Friday? A day for a fry? A full Irish, as it’s known in the trade. Yes… at one of the places I’d worked before we’d eaten an unhealthy, greasy but appetising mix of meat and starch on the last working day of the week. Why? So as to say we were celebrating Fri(y)day.

Friday… reflection time. Have we achieved the goals we’d set for ourselves at the start of the week? Have we? I doubt it. Human nature intervenes too often. We occasionally place something on the long finger… on the back-burner… in the notorious ’File 13’. Then, we have the satisfaction of crossing the goal from our list. Not achieved… but, on the other hand…no longer a goal… no longer part of the big picture… no longer a necessity. So we cheat ourselves… or occasionally others. Friday… day of accounting.

Friday… often only lived for because it signifies the weekend break is soon to be upon us. Whoopy!! No work… for a full TWO days! Friday… we wish the day by… so we can have our weekly hour or two of banter and gossip before we catch the homeward bound commute. In my case that usually means dashing Connolly for the 19h05. On the odd occasion the dash is slightly unsteady… slightly frantic or even totally futile.

Friday… the day for reckoning. Often we have to have some or other task completed before EOB on Friday… EOB? No… the business won’t end without us. We are dispensable… we’re small fry in the greater scheme of things… fry… did I say fry… Friday’s small fry? The world keeps turning… even though we haven’t made our deadline… even though our report is still outstanding. Even though we’ve been too incompetent to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves… Friday… fact or folly? Does it matter? No… not really.

Enjoy your weekend, don’t do what I wouldn’t  OH… before I forget, don’t forget… it’s SIMON Week… you still have a chance to help… even when the week rolls by.

Friday evening… I sat staring through the Sligo Expresses’ window… wow… what a day… wow… what a sunset!! Fickle Friday… the folly of the day… yet, how often can we leave work at the end of the workweek to behold this beauty? Something must be working in our favour…

I’ll stir the pot… why not? I’ve gathered quite a few winners on the Fri-Day… so what… I’ll give you a few more in the days to come!!

PS – I’ll have a full Friday Sunset gallery on Monday…

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4 Responses to The Folly of Friday…

  1. Sallyann says:

    That last photo really sums up that Friday feeling.
    Worth waiting all week for. 🙂


  2. Gaelyn says:

    Your Fri-day is my Sun-day. Yet on Tuesday when it’s my Fri-day I’m feeling a little fried and ready for my three-day weekend.

    Love that last capture.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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