HAPPY – More Weekly Photo Challenge…

Why not? I ask myself. Indeed, why not continue with the happy theme? Why not use the great new gallery format? I’ve wanted to do something like this for ages… it looks, sorry… so cool!

Friday evening’s walk from work to Connolly Station must have been one of the most rewarding walks I have ever experienced in the city. To say the whole experience made me happy is rather an understatement. The unfolding sunset caused many folk to stop. The amount of smart phones on display was something to behold. Cameras were also in evidence. At one point there must have been 20 folk along the rail of the Samuel Beckett Bridge… pity I didn’t get a picture of that before I set off down the Quays…

I stopped and chatted with a few folk… the young lady with the lens on the bridge was fortunate… she had her 70/ 200 fitted… getting great shots. I wasn’t even bothered to change lenses… the vistas were too special to waste time… and OH, I eventually almost had to run to make the train!

The lad with the i-phone kindly allowed me to get his picture. Then we set off together… along the river, chatting like two old mates! Shows you what Mother Nature’s splendour can do when she graces us with such beauty!!

The first photo in the sequence was taken at 18h39… the last at 18h59… some 20 minutes worth of entertainment!! I’m still filled with happiness by just looking at these photos… so, by sharing a few I hope the happiness spreads just a little! 😉

Have fun… enjoy your week!

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10 Responses to HAPPY – More Weekly Photo Challenge…

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  3. A couple of beautiful sunset pics in there


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks… it was really a fun few minutes… I think I may even want to print one or two of the photos… 😉


      • mklmsw says:

        Oh, you definitely must print some! They are simply stunning! Thank you SO much for sharing these moments with us! (Give hugs to Moira!) – MKL in USA 🙂


  4. Sallyann says:

    I do like the lights in the picture with the lad and his i-phone. Another of those “through the round window” shots would have been fun here. I’ll leave with the happy thought of you balancing like a gymnast on the top railing to take it. 😀


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