WWC: And Now For Something Completely Different…


There you have it… something different… another way of getting this week’s writing challenge off to a good/ bad start. Attention grabbing old codger I am… or am I? Self centered, egotistical? Or… maybe just a little strange? No… more like a little confused. Michelle W really threw the challenge wide open and as I read I was confronted with the idea that I’d already tried most of the challenges at some or other point.

SHIT… I’ll say again. Why? ‘Cause I can’t get myself to be revolting enough to use other more offensive four letter words… even though I’m occasionally tempted to start the word with a ‘F’ for flip… FLIP, flip… FLIP? Back to the vanity angle then? No… just proof that I have some manners, or good taste.

Why all this carry-on? I continued scrolling down the page… reading some of the comments posted. One caught my eye.

Rotten Ray: 

Funny. This week’s writing challenge is what I have been doing since I began my blog.

Yours truly couldn’t resist and quipped the following…

Good one Rotten Ray!! Sort of had much the same thought while I was reading the challenge…

I may well be tempted to include 20 links to some of my posts and call the challenge… you guessed, 20 Links!! ;-)

As is my wont when I stumble on wisdom of this nature… I have to go and look at the source… so, there I was… finding out all about Rotten Ray. He is a man who speaks his mind… much like I attempt on the odd occasion. There I found the definition of a Niblet – rather fun and just by the way, something started doing myself… keeping track of my little pearls of wisdom. Soon, I’ll have a page dedicated to my own one-liners… that could send Hemingway or Shakespeare into fits of delight… or? What?

A niblet of mine that’s in the process of development .. to be used in a post in preparation, reads something like this…

‘To vent… as in having a bit of a spleen clean!’ 

There you have it… something completely different… all the result of a weekly challenge and the subsequent discovery of a fellow blogger’s comment. Blame Rotten Ray… no, thank Rotten Ray. Because the man messed enough with my thought processes I forgot to do the ’20 Links’ version as suggested above. Yep, that would’ve been rather too egotistical… vain, self promoting, but alas… mostly true. 

Yep, I’ve tried most of list, if not all. I think the only thing I’ve not done in a post is a words only… so, as I’ve done 2 new tiled galleries in the last days I’m going to break another rule… challenging indeed… my crude, image-less niblet post. Food for thought? Maybe…

If it’s not your sup of cider… who’d you blame? Me? WP? Rotten Ray? Michelle W… nah, the ramblings of my mind… that should suffice!

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