Celebrate the Way Forward…

Yesterday’s weekly writing challenge sort of got too me a bit. I got a tad carried away but even so, I enjoyed the whole process… as I usually do when I’m putting together something for the next day. I’ve said it before… I am at times amazed at where the stuff comes from… how my mind works… how the words twirl and twist along the back roads and lanes of the often murky backwater expanses of grey matter inhabiting the area between my two ears.

What am I saying? I’d already prepared something for today… something not quite light and airy. A little piece to celebrate life…  as we believe we’ll do after we’ve passed on. Not really appropriate for today I feel. Yet… I feel the need to be a little more upbeat today. Why not? It’s quite easy to get drawn into the heavy pondering on a day like today. Today we remember my good lady’s brother whose birthday it is… so, why not a bit of verse as celebration?

Celebrate the Way Forward…

Wake up in the middle of the night…
No, no moment of blinding white light…
No… no moment of angst, worry or fright
Just a simple fantasy or fancy of flight
Could a few words of warning be right?
Or, consider the options while sitting tight?

When in the middle of the night you awake
Wondering what the future will have at stake
Will the decisions in the day you must make
Cause havoc or leave ill will in their wake
Or, benefit those around who must all partake
In the proverbial bread you need to bake

Challenging words, ideas… feelings, draw near
Yet no words or feelings should fill you with fear
For all should be well for those you hold dear
As you make choices on the next direction to steer
In the dead of the night the realisation is clear
Choose wrong and the consequence is shear

Face fear, uncertainty… hold your chosen line
The rewards will be great, the results just fine
As on the odd occasions you get help divine
Then you’ll sit with family and friends to dine
supping merrily at life’s sweet, joyous wine
As you whisper silently… the victory is mine!

bees and butterflyGod Bless your memory… you’re always with us!

About aj vosse

Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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2 Responses to Celebrate the Way Forward…

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    You are an amazing poet. Nice tribute to those loved ones who have passed before us.


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