Hedging My Bets…

Should I now say farewell to all you kind folk out there or just pre-load a few week’s worth of posts while I decide? I didn’t know just how prophetic yesterday’s ditty could well become. Was it the unconscious mind thinking ahead? Must be.

Trolls where? Below... that's where!!Should I make a clean-cut decision. An incision more so that a decision? Cut myself off from the blogging bug that’s grown into a bit of a troll… a friendly troll, but a troll all the same. Should I rid myself now? Or… hedge my bets and limp along with my endeavour to get to the 2 year mark of daily posts? I’m boring you… I know. Who else will listen? Who else can I ask? My diary? THIS is my diary… OMBH has become as much a part of me as any other object I’ve ever owned.

In a way I think the blog is a bit like a family member… a friend, a confidante… a soul mate. Alive? That’s maybe why I feel a tad sad at the thought of calling it a day. Because it will be like walking away from a camaraderie that means more than just the knowledge of the friendship? Why? Because… why not? Because…

The future holds promise… yes, we’ll be moving at the end of the month. Back, closer to Kilcock… less driving, less fuel… less estate life. More country… more work, less time… time, energy… effort. All resources needed for other causes. Work… play, life. Time to greet? But, I don’t want to say farewell, not yet.

I know full well folk have in the past suggested I continue going… maybe at a different pace. Not daily. My fear though, if I break my own pledge I may as well give up completely. Why sign up to something and then compromise? Why do something half heatedly? As some of you good folk know by now… one of my life’s motto’s just so happens to be…

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly…

No half measures with me, for me, by me… that’s why my good lady hates attending parties with me… or, for that matter… why the lady hates me going to parties. If I’m going to be bothered then I want to express myself… fully.

Who knows, I may yet find the balance… may yet learn to adjust to the idea of a shorter format… may yet manage a compromise with myself. My alter ego and I… when we’re at peace with each other the answer may arrive… unexpectedly, without much of a party… little victory… small to-do.

Should I stop? Should I juggle? Should I take my own advice? Should I simply do as I suggested yesterday… celebrate the way forward? Who knows? Maybe tomorrow the answer will reveal itself…

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10 Responses to Hedging My Bets…

  1. daily must take up a lot of time but I am sure you would miss it if you quit altogether. why not scale back and post when you are inspired so it does not seem like work? I would certainly miss hearing about your adventures and seeing all the sights. 🙂


    • aj vosse says:

      Believe it or not… I’m rather cut up about what to do. I most certainly don’t want to stop… time, that’s the whole issue here!! You have the perfect format with you ‘monochrome’ theme… one photo, a bit of dialogue .. only thing, I love all the writing… it’s my belatedly discovered balance to life!!

      I find myself typing away without cause… I simply love it!! So… as hard as I try to scale back so I’m at loggerheads with myself!! 😉

      Thanks for the encouragement…it is really enjoyed and appreciated!!


      • Sheila Creighton says:

        I think you just answered your question aj! maybe it is far more important to you than you realize.


  2. People who don’t blog doesn’t know what it takes to do a blog. Its not just scribbling a couple of words along with a picture. If you run your own blog you are the publisher, the journalist, the photographer, the editor, the IT guy and the tea lady all in one. It takes up a lot of your time. I’ve scaled down on doing posts on Firefly as often as I used to, but unfortunately PE Daily Photo is a bit of a different story. Take a short break and consider only doing 4 posts a week and you’ll see it will go better again.


  3. Sallyann says:

    How about taking a blogging holiday and setting a date to return ?
    You can use the extra time it seems you’re going to need then without any pondering or feeling guilty about not living up to a challenge. Your new challenge can be to stay away from the blogsphere for the entire time and return refreshed with so much to tell us when you get back. 🙂


  4. geogypsy2u says:

    Do what ever feels right. I hope the move is a good thing.


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