WPhotoC: Big

I wasn’t going to do the weekly photo challenge this time around. Why? I didn’t think BIG fits well here in Ireland… we don’t have massive cities like the US or even other European capitals. There aren’t many tall buildings… Ireland is a small place… a small country… small ideas?

NO… the ideas are BIG… the music and literature, they’re BIG… the hearts of the folk… they’re massively BIG. The problem? How do I show you this? This is something you have to come over here to experience. Yes, I hear you say that’s what you have over in your place as well… so, the only thing I can do is put together a few photos to show what we over here consider to be big…

I’ll start with a building I occasionally pass by… Google EMEA HQ… it’s the tallest office building in Ireland… typical, a BIG company needs a BIG Flagship. Talking of ships… the summer season brings massive cruise liners to the bay… now there’s BIG!! Then, still on a nautical note… the Tall Ships event this year was BIG!! Very BIG. The organisers expected more than a million visitors… take into consideration that Ireland’s population is somewhere around the 5 million mark… that’s a BIG gathering!

Croke Park is big… Phoenix Park is supposed to be the largest city green space in Europe… so, it’s BIG. The Wellington Testimonial Obelisk is the tallest in Europe… that’s BIG. The sunsets are BIG… as I showed you last week. The Rambler is big… no, it’s actually small but when you put it in a Royal Canal Lock its very BIG…

So… I’m going to throw some photos together in a tiled gallery… I love the things… maybe in some way the pictures will convey the BIG-ness of the Irish heart!! Oh, by the way… Guinness is BIG!! Here they drive to the pubs to restock with tanker trucks! Only joking…

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18 Responses to WPhotoC: Big

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  3. lots of big on the Emerald Isle!


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  5. geogypsy2u says:

    Seems there’s a lot of BIG in Ireland. Love the idea of delivering Guinness by tanker truck.


    • aj vosse says:

      Yep… that idea seems to be a winner! I think though, those trucks are off to the harbour for shipping out… 😉


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  9. Love the BIG Guinness truck!


  10. Sallyann says:

    BIG SMILE. 😀


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