Dublin River Views – The Jeanie Johnston

A comment posted by Gaelyn the other day made me realise that I inadvertently neglected to share a bit of telling information in the post on that day. I’d focused on the sunset and forgotten the history. Gaelyn’s comment mentioned the ship and the famine sculptures. Yes, there is an association.

Jeanie Johnston in Dublin Ireland... The tall ship, the Jeanie Johnston, is actually a famine ship replica built around the turn of the century. She was a fully licensed ocean-going vessel and has even taken part in the Tall Ships Race in 2005. Alas, she no longer holds her seaworthiness so she is now used as a museum ship… catering for the masses of tourists who flock into the city. But I digress. Rowan Gillespie’s famine statues were placed along the Custom House Quay because this is where the original famine ships departed from when leaving Dublin for the new world.

Rowan Gillespie's famine statuesI won’t bore you with too much detail, feel free to click here and read the Wiki article… what I will do is steel a small snippet from their article…

On the maiden voyage from Tralee to Quebec in April 1848, a baby boy was born aboard the ship. To mark the unusual surroundings of his birth, the parents, Daniel and Margaret Reilly, named the baby Nicholas (after the co-owner of the vessel Nicholas Donovan) Johnston (after the ship) so Nicholas Johnston Reilly was added to the passenger list. 

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3 Responses to Dublin River Views – The Jeanie Johnston

  1. I would love to take Chaos Boy to visit such a ship. Beautiful at sunset.


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    Puts it in perspective. Thanks.


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