Weekly Writing Challenge: Misty Grey…

The Mist…

Grey, grey… wet grey… the sodden blanket hugs the ground
Enveloping, engulfing the earth, shredding visibility all around
Wet and snarly, chilly cold… feelings of ill will sadly abound
Pervasive, invasive… insidious… it’s gloomy reach abounds

The mist… the grey

Tentacles grabbing, reaching out into the still morning air
Slithering fingers poking the morning light here and there
Prodding, prodding… wet embrace filled with damp despair
Chocking… gagging, blocking the sun’s weak, feeble flair

The grey, the mist…

Chilly wet touch to the skin sends an inadvertent shiver down the spine
Throws the mind back to thoughts of long, warm summer’s days divine
In the parks the children played, frolicking in the warm glow of sunshine
‘Tis a day for a roaring log fire, a book, a brunette… sips of fruity red wine

Grey, misty grey…

Grey blanket dampens bright vistas of scarlet autumn leaves
As over the green landscape the mist its damp spell weaves
‘tis time to don coats, scarves, hats… to roll down the sleeves
Warnings are clear, winter’s omens are near, me do believes

The grey turns… 

Is this mid autumn’s mist a sign of the on racing winter’s night?
When grey turns to black… the pale low sun takes hurried flight
Or should we look forward to the new spring, bold and bright?
As a ray of light pierces the gloom, bringing moments of delight!

Convention Center, Dublin IrelandI could not get past the fact that grey would not look too good in a post celebrating colour… so, I’ve added a smear of evening colour to the grey backdrop. The Convention Center and PWC Building on the River Liffey in Dublin… but as is my luck… I’ve even managed to capture a different shade of grey on the river… 

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5 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: Misty Grey…

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  2. 50 shades of Irish Grey?


    • aj vosse says:

      I’ve not read the book so I’m not too sure about all the hype… no, here we may have 50 shades of green but not many shades of grey!! 😉


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    You weave a fine tail of your local misty grey.


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