Silhouette of the Soul? WPhotoC

Am I whom I seem to be?
In chains or really free?

Is that a shadow you think you see?
Or actually only the outline of me?

Am I bearing my soul to the world?
Or, has my mind for a few bits been sold?

My heart shines with radiant love
As the sun illuminates from above…

My outline hides the truth within
I crave pain’s release of mortal sin

The sun’s scorch burns away the guilt
Or, my feelings on the ground are spilt

I stand for all the world to see
The Silhouette that could be me!

There’s a bit of magic here, I believe! While hunting for ‘that’ silhouette photo for this week’s photo challenge set by Sara Rosso I realised this girl was calling out to me! No… screaming! I love this sculpture… statue… work of art. I walk past the girl often these days… and equally often I stop and admire.

There’s a sensual beauty… an enticing allure. Something’s grabbed my soul… reminding me of something else… somewhere, some place else? Maybe… anyway,  I’ve done more than one post in the past… click here to see one of those features.

Linda Brunker, the worker of magic who created the lady, must surely have felt murmurs along the silhouette lines, shapes… alter-ego? I know Joe T knows Linda… I’m wondering if my words would maybe silhouette some of her thoughts while she was conceiving the lady? Would Joe T ask? Ask my flip side…

PS – I’ve messed a bit with the colour and texture of the photo… I hope it works…

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14 Responses to Silhouette of the Soul? WPhotoC

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  3. Sunshine says:

    I love the way the sun is shining out from her head…awesome! 🙂


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  6. eof737 says:

    Stunning artwork and great poem too. 😉


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  10. Gaelyn says:

    Wow, I guess you were moved. Yet I can see why. Love the sculpture of this lady.


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