Man’s Mortality…

What’s the old, old… ancient old story?

Man must surely pay taxes… sh*te and then die!

Dramatic… no. The simplest way of describing our existence? Maybe… not?

So? What’s brought on this bout of sardonic retrospection? Or… should that be forward thinking? I’m not exactly sure. What I am sure about is that it may well be a bit of both. Cop out… I hear you say. No. Step back to where this all started… for you and for me.

Agreed? Yep… we all have a beginning and an end. Finite. Or is it? Is it fair to say our ego’s want out souls to tell our spirits that we’re here for the duration of time? Our egos? No… our mortality wants more than greeting the grave. We want to think there’s a future after our past. Don’t we? You bet we do!

Most Faiths profess some sort of afterlife. I pity the non believer, the agnostics and atheists. They have no purpose really, do they? None-the-less… this bit of writing is not really about our beliefs but more how we want to be sent off.

I am a firm believer that I’ll live on in my children. I also have the advantage of leaving behind quite a few hundred thousand words. Then, for the less discerning eye… there’ll even be the odd drawing, sketch or painting. My ideas may have a fleeting influence on the shaping of my children’s way of thinking. They may well one day base their opinions on how they’ve learned to process information subject to ideas I’ve left behind.

Long before my children try to pass on their wisdom to their children’s children I’ll have to end my innings. I’ve often asked my family to throw me in a hole with a bit of music playing in the background. Mind you… I don’t really want to be thrown into a hole… I want my ashes scattered among the bluebells in Delville Wood… between the oaks, along the avenues… in what remains of the WW1 trenches. My remains with the remains of my ancestors… on one of the greatest South African Battlefields. That is my wish.

But back to the music… the first song? A must… Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye. Then… to reiterate my belief that I’ll live on in my children and their descendants… a bit of Bob Dylan… Forever Young, it says it all! Blowing in the Wind… The Living Years… the songs just come. There seems to be a theme… yes sir. We seem to want to be remembered. Why not? I’m sure we all believe we’ve left a small mark on the planet… our unique fingerprint on history.

OK… I’ll stop now… with my passing shot. The song to end the ceremony and introduce the sending off party? Jon Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory! Let the party begin… rock on!

This post started life before we ever knew we were going to see Leonard Cohen during his visit to Dublin. I’ve been wondering about when to use it… as mentioned in the 10th of October’s edition. I am more and more drawn to my own words… not for any real reason apart from the fact that I feel it’s quite a good bit of writing, even if I have to say so myself. So… as a reminder of that great evening when the good lady and I experienced the magic… here’s a few of our grainy baby camera real life experience images…

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2 Responses to Man’s Mortality…

  1. Sallyann says:

    I’ve always said I want no sad faces when I go. Id like to be cremated. Id have one hymn…”Glad that I live am I, that the sky is blue”. We used to sing it in primary school. And then “Goodness gracious great balls of fire” so that I can leave the last laugh.
    No flowers, any donations instead to be put towards a bench. Not for a park bench, but for a bench halfway up a hill so someone can take a rest on the way up.


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