Coffee in Castleknock?

Every once in a while I have to visit the Diabetic’s Clinic at Connolly Hospital. It’s quite a painless experience these days. On the train, off at Castleknock Station… walk the 15 odd minutes… do the business… see the folk, walk back to the station and onward, either to work or wherever the I have to be.

A few visits back I stopped just outside the turnstiles… stopped in my tracks by a very familiar accent. The lad serving the coffee was distinctly not local… no, I’d recognise a fellow Saffer almost anywhere on the planet and this lad was most definitely a Saffer.

Last week was time to visit Connolly Hospital again. This time I arrived at the station on a dark, wet morning. I muttered some form of greeting, more concerned with the fact that the mizzle was a tad on the heavy side and the fact that my trusty umbrella was tucked safely away at home. OH well… I fortunately had in my possession one of those flimsy plastic poncho thingies… just sufficient cover to keep the torso (and the camera bag on my back) dry(ish). Off I went… still muttering.

I was soon on my way back to the station and as I had to wait about 20 minutes for the next train I happily grabbed the opportunity to have a bit of a chat with MH, the friendly Saffer Coffee Man. Yes, he was slowly but surely building up a regular clientele. I suggested he consider adding the cheap ponchos to his basket… just for the likes of me getting off a train without the umbrella at hand.

We chatted briefly about his other stops. The early morning station stop is the first. He sets up not long after 6 in the morning and stays until the early morning rush passes. MH then packs up and sets off toward the business parks… plying his trade as far as he goes. I forgot to ask when and where he makes his last stop for the day but I get the impression the cheerful fellow continues spreading the happiness long into the afternoon.

I felt the need to pass on a flyer or two which in turn prompted MH to suggest the possibility of hosting a coffee morning to raise funds for my charity! Imagine that… a fair dollop of morning cheer all in aid of helping the Simon Community.

Coffee in Castleknock...PS – Thanks for the cuppa… it was great on that chilly wet morning…

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2 Responses to Coffee in Castleknock?

  1. geogypsy2u says:

    What a great idea.


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