WWWWWT – Idiosyncratic

Due to the gremlins getting in and forcing me to post yesterday’s Saturday strolls I am now forced to move my usual words on Wednesday post to Thursday… things I have to do while mt internet time is very restricted… aaaah well, life, as they say in the classics.

Idiosyncratic = characteristic, individual, distinctive, all your own, peculiar, eccentric.

These are a few synonyms my little word editor gives for the word idiosyncratic. What a lovely word. How it rolls around on the tongue… how it conjures up all sorts of weird and wonderful images.

I’ll throw in a few more for good measure… daft, cranky… touched, not well… away with the trolls. Stubborn, difficult… easy going, fun-loving, narky… pernickety bollix. Charming, witty… good natured cantankerous, difficult… creative… jolly, loud… or should the be jolly loud? Boisterous, caring well-mannered gentleman… romantic? Thoughtful… observant, slightly obsessive… passionate, quiet, moody. Truthful, soft-spoken… honest… inquisitive… did I mention complex? No… straightforward… gentle, precise… accurate, presumptions… wise and wondrous. Maybe I’m getting a tad carried away now. Just maybe!

Bold, forthright… slightly OTT, some would say… most definitely not wishy-washy or brash. Confident, subtle… playful, energetic… sedate, laid-back… pensive. Loving… forgiving… OK… I’ll stop now.

That’s what happens when a word sticks in the head and leads to other words or ideas about words. The magic of language… the beauty of it all. The new house inspired the thought process. It in turn made me wonder if a dwelling could take on the responsibility of be burdened by such a heavy load… idiosyncratic house? Or… is it rather the new occupant that sees the quirky and so looks for comparisons? Not dull or boring… that’s for sure! I hope that holds true for the house… and it’s new master… I hope!

Weird, Wonderful Weekly Wednesday Words on Thursday! 😉

I may have used this picture before… but, in my desperate rush to find something I’ll stick it on again… after all  it’s only idiosyncratic mature men that go around sticking their camera lenses into the insides of flowers! Or is it?

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4 Responses to WWWWWT – Idiosyncratic

  1. perhaps the house is bringing out your idiosyncratic tendencies…. it is a good word! 😀


  2. geogypsy2u says:

    Hope you’re settling in the new abode.


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