WPhotoC: GEOMETRY – Dublin Style…

I am rather late with this week’s challenge. Lack of time and internet are to blame… but as they say in the classics… a bad worker blames his tools. Or… should that be better late than never. OH well… we have to make the best of a bad case then and give you our interpretation of the geometry theme.

I caught a glimpse of Quintin Lake’s spacial photo the day he posted the challenge. I have stayed in the back of my mind and made me look at surfaces a little harder. A little more intently .. cityscapes offer so many opportunities… so many options, variations on a theme… angles, arches… curves… even cylinders and triangles. Squares, circles… domes, boxes… the whole gambit.

I’ve been toying with a few mental pictures… and, as I can’t seem to resist using tiled galleries, why not do a full Dublin and surrounds representation of bits of architecture. Old bridge arches… the Spire in Dublin… the Clock Tower at Carton… and not forgetting the elegant compound curves of the Samuel Beckett Bridge… enacting the harp… which is the symbol Ireland…

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6 Responses to WPhotoC: GEOMETRY – Dublin Style…

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  2. Sallyann says:

    Nice. Especially the last one. 🙂


  3. A beautiful gallery of shapely images! 🙂


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