Lest We Forget! – War and Peace…

Today is that day again… that day we promise each year never to forget. Then, when the day passes we promptly forget until next year. Maybe, once we have walked those old battlefields and cemeteries we don’t forget quite so easily. Maybe we should set ourselves way-points in the year… to remember the sacrifices of others so that we can live in the sunshine of freedom today…  God Bless!

War and Peace…

Torn to shreds, ripped asunder… again we’re reminded of man’s blunder
Yet in our hearts there’s joy and calm, love resounds like claps of thunder

Bullets fly, bombs rain down while shells explode on the up-churned earth
As on a sidewalk on another planet men congratulate each other’s worth

Murder, mayhem are clear to see, slow death’s rewards as the gang lords feud
While in a park a block away happy folk frolic or play… with happiness imbued

Circle of death… folk gather to prematurely lay their young in the ground
Behold a newborn’s cry brings contentment and joy to these gathered around

We live day after day, hearing our children sing, hearing the song of the skylark
While worlds away the rockets rain down on the weary under the cover of dark

Shattered bones, lives and souls live daily in their own miseries and hell
Yet, on another street’s corner chimes the invitation of the wedding bell

Have you in your soul delved today, given some thought for a time to pray?
Saying thanks for your life’s blessing and the peace you share on this day!

Delville Wood CrossI have said it often enough… I want my ashes scattered among the bluebells in Delville Wood… where the bones of my countrymen lay scattered with those of other combatants… from quite a few European countries… click here to have a look at the SA War Memorial website at Delville Wood…

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3 Responses to Lest We Forget! – War and Peace…

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  2. What a touching post! In my blog reading yesterday, I didn’t see many posts about Remembrance Day (or whatever it is called in whichever country from which the bloggers originate. I did go to a rather huge party last night where they had a piper and read some poetry that was appropriate to the day. A few tears there – especially with the piper. Anyhow, thank you for marking the day. I think it is very important to remember. This is my addition to the collective blogging remembrance – http://virgin-sheet-of-paper.tumblr.com/.


    • aj vosse says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we must remember our brave forefathers!! I will try my best to keep the flame burning for as long as I can…


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