Ouch… My Back Hurts!

There you have it. I’ve eventually managed to use the blog’s title as a post title. Why so long in the making? Easy. We needed to move away from Enfield before I could even think of using OMBH. Why again? I hear you ask. Long story but I’ll keep it short(ish) for today.

It was our (almost) forced move to Enfield, to an estate house… to the confines of a recession driven existence that gave me the final push into blog-dom. It was the move… and the subsequent need to find a walking place that got me out of the house and walking along the Royal Canal. Pushing the Zimmer along. For those of you not too familiar with my use of the term Zimmer… it was my way of describing my buggy pushing exploits.

Yes, the move had worked anti-miracles on an already fragile back. I must have suffered varying degrees of agony for at least a month after that sorry exploit. So… the only suitable camouflage I could find was to load a grandchild or two into the buggy and go walking. The bent over stoop I could get away with while pushing was actually me hiding from the pain.

Somewhere in that first month in the Enfield place… March 2011, this blog was born. It has been growing slowly but steadily… month on month figures suggest that I seem to be doing a few things right. The regulars keep returning… thank you! New faces come and go… some stick around… some move on. Thanks to you all as well!

I have learned much since OMBH began it’s tentative existence. I have learned that the canals of Ireland can offer so much. Peace, tranquility, fun… entertainment… history… but mostly though, friendship. Genuine camaraderie and friendship! Yes, thanks to all the folk I’ve met along the way… you’ve given a lad a lot of pleasure…and the occasional bit of grief as well!

What else have I learned? That cyber friendships can and do exist. Yes, there are folk all over the world who use blogging to communicate on a slightly higher plane. To add value to their lives. If you had suggested something along those lines two years ago I would have told you in no uncertain terms that you were off your trolley. I will add that I have a natural aversion for social media. Thanks to all the folk who have made a positive, encouraging contribution to my life… even just a word or two has on the odd occasion lifted my spirit.

I’ve also learned that writing can grow the soul. It can sooth the angst… calm the nerves. Yes, believe me, when I say I often come away contented after a spleen clean, as I’ve been known to call it. I believe I am a more fulfilled individual with more to offer now that I’ve allowed my creativity to run it’s daily course. Yep, I can get on the train after work, after a stressful day that’s really wound me up, then get off at my destination totally relaxed. Switched off… no longer stewing, no longer mad at the stupidities of dealing with multiple requests from folk who may be just a tad too spoiled!

I have learned that saying things… putting them out in the open, helps me deal with other issues that may be sitting slightly further in the recesses of the mind. Release… that’s what my blogging has given me. Peace… yes, I have found a tool to aid my own inward search. I can say in all honesty that the physical act of blogging often triggers a spiritual easing.

OK… I’m on the waffle again. So… OMBH is now an integral part of my life. One of my lads stated not too long ago that the blog seems to be rather important… at times maybe a tad too important. Well, thanks to Enfield and surrounds and all the great folk I’ve met since blogging and through blogging. Thanks to you all for allowing me licence to be a tad more creative than what I should be at times.

Yes my lad, I know I need to be told on occasion to look for the balanced beam… the middle road… the just cause, the equilibrium. No my lad, OMBH will never be more important than my family… but it has become a part of our family… like many other persons, creativity can and often does have a positive effect on those around them.

Messy moving... I predicted something would go wrong during the move… when the above happened I burst out laughing. I didn’t bother picking the bits up until I called the good lady and found the camera. Only when the good lady saw the contents that I was made to sort the mess quickly… before the little fellows caught sight of their exposed Christmas prezzies… and yes, you’d be right in surmising I was carrying the box when the bottom dropped out!

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5 Responses to Ouch… My Back Hurts!

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  2. gerry fennell says:


    Thank you for your daily blogs.

    As you have probably guessed by now, I am a passive imbiber of your blogs. Keep up the good work.




    • aj vosse says:

      Mr Passive Imbiber… I love the fact that we can occasionally even have a man to ma, face to face. AND, as you are still featured on the home page holding a flier I must thank you! 😉


  3. geogypsy2u says:

    The mixed contents of the spilled box seems to reflect your writing style. And the blog very therapeutic. Hope your back feels better soon. Will you be walking the canal during winter?


    • aj vosse says:

      Fortunately I didn’t pack the contents of the box… like life I suppose, random bits thrown together… The back is fine… this time I did a lot of stress and pain management… no rush, no unnecessary heavy lifting… I do go for the odd walk… but I’ll be working most Saturdays now up to mid December…


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