WPhotoC: Green… Irish Green

Sara Rosso must have planned an Irish event for this week’s photo challenge… imagine… asking an Irish resident to do green. The Emerald Island and green are what it’s all about… green and pleasant land… even on occasion Green Guinness… although I wouldn’t put any of that down my throat.

Sara asked for green… Sara asked us to share many pictures in our gallery… I’m going to oblige as best I can… I’m going to give you as much green as possible… staring with the Irish flag and then everything in between… green train and loco’s, boats… buses… even a spot of the Aviva turf at night… looks quite green to me…

The post goes live on the 17th… pity it wasn’t the 17th of March… which is St Patrick’s Day… THE day in Ireland!! OH well… this will have to be a dress rehearsal for that day… why not, I’ll even throw in a green robed dude acting the St Patrick at this year’s festival in our little village… all good green fun!!

I’m not done yet… I’m doing a different version of GREEN… soon, I promise…

PS – Enjoy your weekend… have fun!

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7 Responses to WPhotoC: Green… Irish Green

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  2. Sallyann says:

    I think my favourite is the little duck standing in the green underneath the daffodill heads. 🙂


  3. aawwa says:

    Fabulous selection of photos!


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  5. geogypsy2u says:

    A wonderfully diverse collection of “green.”


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