Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration… My Way?

Funny thing, this concept of inspiration. There’s the old saying that is often used in the sporting world…

Top achievement is often about 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Well, my blogging is often subject to such percentages. OK… I may be exaggerating a little but as much as this post has its roots firmly grounded in Chelsea Otakan’s challenge I couldn’t have contemplated taking the good lady’s dare up without something of substance to show you.

Chelsea asks us to do something I’m not too comfortable with… yep, to place self portraits of what stimulates our urges to blog. Inspiration… such a vague concept, such a loose idea or set of ideas. What inspires us most of the time? Family, money, entertainment… to name but a few… hobbies, interests… simply put… life.

OK… before I really start sounding condescending or half way up my own posterior, I most certainly don’t have a face for TV… I’m much more comfortable with the idea of my face having been sculpted specifically for radio. So… I’ll let you in rather gently… with a photo taken at the start on my Grand Canal Challenge in late June of this year.

I asked a total stranger to take the picture… as proof that I was setting off on a personal quest… a quest to raise awareness and much needed funds for the charity of my choice. That charity being the Midlands SIMON… do feel free to click on their logo in the sidebar… you’ll get to read a little more of what really inspired me to set myself the challenge. OK… that still leaves me short of the mark on the full frontal…

At the end of the quest... or, as the sign would suggest, the beginning... My good lady was there at the end of the walk. I’d covered the eighty odd miles in seven stages… most of which the said lady acted as the main logistics support. Yep… even at times having to drive distances with grandchildren or granddad as navigators. You can see all the posts if you feel like reading my account. The last walk was completed in early September… so… this is my challenge to you. If blogging inspires and reading other’s blogs also inspires… have a look at some of those posts if you feel like taking on a bit of a walk yourself.

OK… now you’ve seen a full frontal of me at the end of my Grand Canal walk… I’ve broken the ice. I’ve done the deed. But wait… I have already shown you another photo… taken at a work function to promote Movember… so, the sharp-eyed among you will know I don’t have a face for TV.

Half and half... Movember fun?Something else I’m not too comfortable with is self praise. Then, on the other hand, if one wants to be a successful blogger, it is hard not to want to promote one’s product. My product is my writing. I’m totally in awe of the written word. I’ve stated quite often that I cannot think of a better way to earn a living than by living life and relating the experiences.

That takes me onto the philosophical… my opinions occasionally slip into a post or two. I feel I may just have earned the right to express some of my opinions… on some occasions I can use another old cliché… been there, done that… wrote the book… then threw it out and wrote the series. Ah well, life!

I love art, photography… I love nature, the outdoors. I love my family… I love the fact that there’s a story around any and almost every corner. I love being involved in the story making process… I love telling you that story, as I see or experience it. I believe I may also have an eye for beauty. If I can convey that beauty or the pleasure of experiencing the beauty I’m happy. I love sharing…

OK… I don’t enjoy being egotistical so please don’t read this post and think… what a pompous twerp… that, I hope I’m not! I don’t do things for vain glory… but, at times if we don’t share our passion we can’t raise awareness of the needs of others… that is one of the aims of my blogging. Click on the ‘Charity Starts??’ page… it’s easily found, right next to the Home page. For good reason!

That, I think… may well be the crux of my inspiration… family, life, love… experiencing it all… eating and drinking love and life. Supping the sweet red stuff of life… the nectar of love… OH yes, if I could spend the rest of my life experiencing and then relating I would be even more contented!

PS – At the expense of potentially sounding pompous again… WordPress don’t do too bad a job of getting the inspirational juices flowing either!! Thanks…

PSS – I think the last pic may well have been the first self-portrait on the blog, back in June 2011… a long, long time ago!!

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Love life, live love... share life... share love!
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8 Responses to Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration… My Way?

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  4. I may just have to start having pics of myself taken as well.


  5. caccicoo says:

    Last night I watched a documentary on an archeological search in some mountain caves in Nepal. They said that one of the earlier groups of people who lived there had no word for religion. The closest word would be the one for “book”. The believed that all written words were sacred and thus in the caves they found hundreds of strips of linen-like paper covered with writings. As a librarian, I have always found something spiritual or sacred about books. They are more than the words printed on the page. They are stories, preservation of history, knowledge all waiting and available to us. I don’t whatsoever think you are a pompous twerp. I’m right on board with you brother!


    • aj vosse says:

      Yes… books, the written word. Or, I could also use capitals… The Written Word! That’s with reference to the Faith I strive after… words and Word!

      On the pompous front… thanks for not thinking I’m that way inclined… it’s just shoving one’s ugly mug into the faces of others that seems a little on the excessive side to me. Well, I took the challenge on so I suppose there is a bit of the OTT’s in me… 😉

      I must say… I really enjoyed doing the post… I think the bulk of the 700 odd words I’d typed up on the train on the way home… in less than an hour! I love it when I get on a roll… the thoughts and ideas just seem to flow out of me onto the screen… fun! 😉


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