Technically Speaking…

Haha… here comes a funny. If I were to prepare two posts on one day and upload them at the same time but arrange for them to be published at different times… say the first post at one nano second past the midnight hour on day X and then let the other fly at one nano second before the bewitching hour a day later… where do we stand in time? Would I be, in effect, cheating on my daily post’s endeavour… or would such fine margins still be permissible?

Then… if I’m seen all over the city, taking pictures of naked ladies, will you judge me cruelly? What then if I tell you the girls were all made of bronze or brass? Am I, technically speaking, a pervert for liking what I see?

So… technically speaking, if I were to suggest that some lady walking down the road may have positive attributes, would I be stepping beyond my given line? That line… the one that, technically speaking, I should not cross. On the other hand… who determines where the line is drawn? Am I to be the judge or is the lady in question solely responsible for making the decision?

Technically speaking, the lady may well have the upper hand in this case. Only technically speaking though. How so? Well, one lady may consider my suggestion to be out of line while the very next lady may be elated at the thought of my compliment. Yep… as in the case of me taking pictures of naked ladies… suggestive or not, some may be well up for a bit of polite suggestiveness. Technically speaking, that is.

Then… on another day I’m standing at the platform waiting for the train. The thing arrives ten minutes late, as seems the norm these days. OK… not a bother, it’s the express… only 2 stops between my starting point and the destination. So, after collecting a trainload of windswept, cold passengers and setting off toward town at maximum allowed speed we make up time… eventually arriving at Connolly as per advertised scheduling ETA. Have we in fact been party to time travel? Have we momentarily seen the future? Technically speaking?

Pray tell? What are the answers… or are you going to retaliate and ask me how long is a piece of string? That’s an easy one… yep, it will always be twice half it’s length… technically speaking, that is. So… there you have it… technically speaking I’m now fully on the waffle… some would even suggest I’m spewing buckets full of taurus excreta… as you know, technically speaking that’s just another term for bull-shite. But who cares one way or the other… life will go on, I’ll keep asking stupid questions and taking photos of naked ladies. After all, we’ll just have to go along with the rotation of the earth as, technically speaking, we have no say in the matter!

 Crescent Hall, Birdy, by Rowan Gillespie, Dublin IrelandTechnically speaking the lady above (Birdy by Rowan Gillespie) isn’t the prettiest young thing to be found in the city… yet, I do think she may well illustrate my concerns exactly… nakedness on display, for all to see… and photograph! 😉

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8 Responses to Technically Speaking…

  1. caccicoo says:

    Love the post although, in my sleep deprived mind I got a bit lost in the twists and turns. Went back and read it again after a cup of espresso and suddenly it made sense! Love the pictures but want to see more photos of naked people. I think the human form should be celebrated in all its shapes and sizes!


    • aj vosse says:

      OH my… a fan of the naked body! Whoopy!!

      Yep.. at times my thoughts and the way I get rid of them are a little twisted. You’ll get used to my frames of reference yet… if you’re in the mood for sticking around, technically speaking, that is! 😉


  2. As we say in the south, “she ain’t got no clothes on!” 🙂 Great post today!


  3. Sallyann says:

    Ha ha ha, I think you’ve finally lost it !
    Technically speaking of course. 😀


  4. geogypsy2u says:

    Just don’t get in trouble with the good lady.


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