Reflections…. WPhotoC – Dublin Nights

I almost missed the train for you! Whoopee… 

Yep… there was I, very close to Friday evening home time, minutes before meeting a few different folk, and supposedly being in another building at more or less the same time, when this week’s challenge arrived. Flipping flip… what was I to do? Where was best to be? Choices… choices… reflections and more reflections!

Reflections… this blog even has a category titled ‘reflections‘… for what reason? I’m not always sure… is it the physical stuff I’m after because I don’t know where the soul is going or are the reflections I’m categorising related to a higher level looking down? Worst part of it all… I’ve been trying to anticipate this week’s photo challenge… AND also trying to suss out what Ailas’s next travel choice could be. Why? Why not?

That’s where I start running parallel parallels of my own. How so? Last week’s travel challenge asked for ’liquid’… I threw in two of my best photos… reflections they both were! Scroll down… have a look at my best day to date! Yep… I’ve never managed anything past 20 or so likes before… and those two photos have managed more than double that magic!

30 006OK… what now? I have to reflect on the path ahead, don’t I? Reflect…. reflect or, should I reflect?  I have to give you something as special as I can give you. I have a plan… the moon is still out… well, Dublin is still bright for the FIFTH evening in a row! I’ll create some reflections… I’ll lash off to Connolly and see what’s out there for the camera to grab. Grab… grab, grab! Grab to store… store to reminisce… reflect or reminisce? Reminisce or reflect? Who really knows?

30 041I’ll give you one of my latest best… but, as with the last WPC… I’ll be back with a bit more!! Sorry… a lot more. OK… I can’t resist… here’s another one! All these were taken last night… just for you!

30 052Just in case you were wondering… that glow above the building on the right is the moon…

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15 Responses to Reflections…. WPhotoC – Dublin Nights

  1. litadoolan says:

    I haven’t been to Dublin for a few years so grateful for these up dates. I need to go back soon! Thank you.


  2. wow – great shots aj! I love the colours and those reflections…


  3. Wow what beautiful pictures. I’ve only been to dublin twice on buisness in the days when I was working and I never saw anything like this!


  4. Barbara says:

    Hiya, as a Dubliner abroad (for quite some time now) I don’t recognise the buildings or the super orange thingies…. What & where are they?


    • aj vosse says:

      HI B… the area featured quite often in this blog is the area that benefited quite extensively during the boom years. The regeneration around a portion of the old Grand Canal Dock is what you’re seeing.

      The top photo shows a new build office block next to the theater first called the Grand Canal Theater .. now called the Bord Gas Energy Theater… the red tube lights ate out on the promenade outside the theater.

      The well lit up building in the second pic is where Google now has it’s EMEA HQ on Barrow Street. I’m fortunate enough to work in the building which is suggested to be the tallest commercial building in Ireland.

      The third photo sports the Convention Center, left, the middle well lit building is the PWC office, and the dark shell next to it is an uncompleted boom time relic…

      I feature Dublin quite frequently… click on the Dublin category or tag… you’ll see quite a bit of the city. Oh, by the way, the Convention Center is adjacent to Spencer Dock, the start of the Royal Canal…


      • Barbara says:

        Thanks, it’s all so unfamiliar… I left in 1987, and then for good in 1990. Dublin still was a dirty old town then, and the Liffey it stank like hell. I don’t recognise it now when I visit. I come from Dundrum, they flattened it for a shopping centre & motorways


        • aj vosse says:

          Indeed they did… I’ve even worked in one of the new buildings there a few years ago…

          I believe the Liffey still stinks at times… I don’t know, I have no sense of smell which may be a good thing! 😉

          I also see the dirty stuff, I hate the indiscriminate littering… the chewing gum and cigarette buts… the trash and used condoms on the streets… even needles. Makes you wonder about the pride of the people? Anyway, I only occasionally rant about the negatives… usually I try and show the positives! 😉 But I do know where you’re coming from…


  5. geogypsy2u says:

    You met this challenge very well. Glad you didn’t miss the train, just for us. 😉


    • aj vosse says:

      I made it!! 😉 All part of the fun… not the first time I’ve almost missed the train because I’mm hunting photos… on reflection, it’s all part of the fun! 😛


  6. ailsapm says:

    Hey aj, wonderful shots, I love those big slashes of orange! Oh, and this week’s travel theme is up too! Looking forward to your entry. xxx


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