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Changing seasons? Where? How? When? Why… because why! Changing seasons… in Ireland that means for about half the year it rains off the south-westerly Atlantic breeze and then for the other six months it precipitates off the north-easterly Arctic weather patterns. OK… OK… I know I’m totally OTT’ing it!

Footprint in the snow... We all have our little woes in life… the weather seems the most common of ‘ice breaker’ topics ever devised by man to stimulate interaction with fellow man! Why? Because without the weather we’d not have a clue about our existence. Imagine, if that meteorite hadn’t stuck the planet all those millions of years ago the dinosaurs would surely have gobbled all our ancestors many eons ago.

Robin in the snow.. Christmas 2010Meaning? No us. Simple equation. Seasons? Yes, it wasn’t the rock strike that killed the big lizards… it was the ensuing chaos caused to all the earth’s weather systems… changing the seasons, or, so said all of them.

So… there’s some change in the seasons for you! Which in turn made me wonder about all the other wise words of the weather prophets and diverse assorted scientists or soothsayers. Yep… not too along ago rumour had it that little old Ireland was supposed to have another extended below average cold winter spell. Mind you… that may have been a tale of woe started by the mass media or even social media… who should we believe? The weather boffins or the seasons specialists?

Snowy pine... altered Irish landscape, 2010There you have it… arguably one of the most scary, funny, boring, invigorating, sad… contrasting yet intriguing topics of interest on the planet. Billions of man-hours and resources have been, are and will be channeled into the understanding of the concept of the changing weather… seasonal change…

And… just for a bit of Friday evening entertainment Cheri throws this week’s challenge in our direction… as if I didn’t have other things to do. I reckon, like the endless faces of the changing seasons there may just be as many diverse contributions…

Horses in the snow... is there anything below that stuff to eat?You wonder about the photos? Changing seasons? We sure experienced one of those inexplicable shifts in patterns two years ago. Then the seasons really changed! Reports suggested about the most severe winter ever on the little white island. Yep, there was no green to be seen for weeks!

Snow braai... doing the Christmas roasts... Life, however… needed to continue… snow, or now snow… the snow must go on! OK… I’m OTT’ing again. The braai must go on. Yep, yours truly was duly banished to the great white outdoors to do the Christmas lunch… maybe one Christmas soon I’ll be banished to the Med for same reasons… 😉 … have fun, enjoy your changing seasons!

PS – Photos courtesy of the now long departed little black job…

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17 Responses to Changing Seasons – W Photo C…

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  3. We are enjoying braai’ing in the glorious South African summers.


    • aj vosse says:

      Stop! You make me so jealous!! 😉 Have fun in the sun… you never know, with all this talk of climate change the roles could soon be reversed! Haha… 😛



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  11. Christmas day BBQ…excellent!


    • aj vosse says:

      Every year without fail!! Well, I tell porkies, sorry the pun… we tried indoors once since we’ve been here and it went down like a vegan celebration carnival… and then one year I worked so we kept it small.

      Already ordered this year’s meat… must still make the new BBQ though… I want to do all the meat on one bit of kit… not two like in the past few years…

      Then… one day I want to do the whole thing down in the Algarve… I know just the spot… 😉 little cove near Alvor…


      • Sounds like a plan. For the first couple of years it was sunny on Christmas day and everyone met on the beach…then the last few years it has poured with rain just in case we were feeling homesick for good old blighty

        As they say
        Boas festas e Feliz Natal


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  13. Gaelyn says:

    I’m no anxious to see the season you speak of.


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